Teens Migrating to Twitter

Poll: Teens Migrating to Twitter - ABC News: "Twitter is booming as a social media destination for teenagers who complain about too many adults and too much drama on Facebook, according to a new study published Tuesday about online behavior. It said teens are sharing more personal information about themselves even as they try to protect their online reputations. . . ."

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Pinterest Teams With Brands

Pinterest Teams With Brands for 'More Useful' Pins | News & Opinion | PCMag.com: "Pinterest is about more than photos of your favorite hairstyles and new exercise regimes. The social corkboard today launched a new branding function for products, recipes, and movies. Pinterest partnered with popular websites to provide users with more details about certain pins. Clothes and furniture, for example, may now come with pricing and available locations for purchase, while recipe pins include cook time, ingredients, and serving sizes. Additionally, movie pins provide content ratings, cast members, and more details."

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Tips for building a better LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn: 3 tips for building a better profile - CBS News: "Use LinkedIn Today--LinkedIn Today allows you to customize your page through subscriptions to channels for real-time news coming from influential people, periodicals and industries. Topics range from social impact to higher education to innovation to big ideas. "Adding these channels will keep the conversation growing and evolving on LinkedIn and at the office," says Williams.". . . ."

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Tumblr adds More Ads and Rearranges Buttons

Tumblr Brings More Ads To Users’ Dashboards, Rearranges Buttons & Teens Freak Out | TechCrunch: "Already the user base was distressed over the impending acquisition, some leaving in droves for WordPress after the fact, and today a minor change to the Tumblr dashboard involving the relocation of the Reblog and Notes buttons has them hand-wringing again. Those changes rolled out yesterday, and today have reached 100 percent of Tumblr’s user base. The company says the buttons were moved for consistency between mobile and web."

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The Wrong Friends Might Sink Your Credit

As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit | Betabeat: "He predicts that banks will soon start asking customers to verify their social media profiles. Not everyone has a social media presence, of course, so submitting your Twitter handle will first be pitched as a way to provide customer support or account alerts, which will later open the door for “more complex products,” Mr. King said."

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Strange Facebook Home

The Strangeness of Facebook Home - Facebook’s new interface for smartphones is at odds with how the world uses computer--

Review: Facebook Home | MIT Technology Review: " . . . Facebook has a single model of the world, unapologetically monolithic: the canonical graph of the relationships between more than a billion human beings. If the company is to grow, it must insert itself between people and their smartphones; there are still simply too many moments spent watching things, or reading things, or making things, that it does not own."

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Twitter opens up its analytics platform

Twitter opens up its analytics platform, lets everyone review the performance of their tweets for free - The Next Web:  The change was spotted by Christopher Penn, vice president of marketing technology at SHIFT Communications earlier this week, as well as Danny Olson, a digital strategist at Weber Shandwick. Users simply need to head to the Twitter Ads dashboard and click on the ‘Analytics’ tab at the top of the page to access the new features.

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LinkedIn becoming just another social network

LinkedIn becoming more like other social networks
Los Angeles Times
Looking to become a destination that people visit more regularly, LinkedIn has begun rolling out a new feature that lets individuals and companies post photos, documents and presentations in status updates. "Whether it's a thought provoking presentation ...

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NFL Teams and Social Media

NFL Teams and Social Media: Who's Hot, Who's Not - Blogging The ...
By One.Cool.Customer
Social media has changed the way NFL fans interact with teams and players. We take a quantitative look at which teams are doing particularly well with their social media efforts, and which aren't.
Blogging The Boys - All Posts

PS4 has twice as much social media attention as Xbox 720
PlayStation Universe
A study by Fizziology, a leading social media tracker for consumer products, reports that PlayStation 4 has almost twice as much social media buzz as Microsoft's next-generation system. Fizziology monitors discussions and aggregates topics from ...

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