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"Twitter Is Amazing, Facebook Pretty Much Useless"

RealClearMarkets - Twitter Is Amazing, Facebook Pretty Much Useless: " . . . .Twitter will end up a multi-generational force, like newspapers, radio and the still dominant television industry. The SFO coverage Twitter facilitated -- you really can't say curate -- is a classic example of why Dorsey's creation will live and, over the long run, Mark Zuckerberg's will die." (read more at link above)

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Ways to Optimize Your Yelp Listing

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Optimize Your Yelp Listing:" . . . 1) Claim Your Listin . . . 2) Read Your Reviews . . . Read the reviews, make the changes, and improve your offering. A business with a great product and service will have a positive rating. You’ll see the results on your Yelp listing faster than you might think. 3) Encourage Reviews . . . (read more at link above)

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Facebook Doesn't Want You To See This Number?

The Number Facebook Doesn't Want You To See: " . . . . There is, of course, one group privy to a glance behind the curtain. Facebook advertisers and group administrators can see post stats, including how many people “saw this post” — the key hidden metric. But revealing audience size, however large or small, is crucial to get potential advertisers to spend money, and Facebook doesn’t have to worry about potential advertisers feeling ashamed. It’s not personal, just business. The advertisers are the ones buying, Facebook is the one selling, and we’re just the goods. When it comes to complex, data-rich systems like Facebook, we see only a sliver of the full picture. It’s not the whole story, just the part we need." (read more at link above)

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Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Managing Your Social Media Accounts | DLA Piper - JDSupra: "Imagine a situation where you have a small business that is planning a major event at a sports venue and needs to utilize a variety of social media channels to publicize the event and garner support for it. Such a business may engage a third party to assist it in managing its social media presence on Facebook and Twitter in order to maximize their ability to generate ticket sales and interest in the event. Your small business turns over its passwords and username to the third party so that they can perform the agreed upon services. Several months after the event and after payment for these services, the parties get into a fee dispute over unrelated services and the third party changes the username of the business to the third party’s name on Facebook, then changes the passwords for Facebook and other social media accounts. Your small business is effectively locked out of its social media accounts." (read more at link above)

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Do Not Dump Your Website for Just a Social Media Presence

Social Media is Great, But Don't Dump Your Website: " . . . Social media is everywhere. If you want to connect with consumers, especially younger ones, it’s imperative that you get out there and use the various social platforms to market your business. However, going online and networking with potential customers will only take you so far. As Forbes notes, it’s a myth to say that social media can replace your website. You still need both for your marketing efforts to be effective. Think “hub and spoke.”. . ."

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Teens and Facebook

Teen Tech - Business Insider: "Most of the teens are on Facebook, but they don't use it as heavily as the other apps mentioned above. My cousin did use it to connect with his new college roommate, but I suspect the fact that the teens' parents and older cousins like me are on Facebook doesn't exactly entice them to share their activity on it very much."

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Remarkable Properties of Mythological Social Networks

The Remarkable Properties of Mythological Social Networks | MIT Technology Review: "Ten years ago, few people would have heard of a social network. Today, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn permeate our lives. They show us how we are linked to each other and how we are more broadly placed within society. What fascinates scientists is that the general properties of social networks seem to be invariant regardless of where they crop up. For example, one of the remarkable properties of social networks is their small world character. This means it is possible to go from one part of a network to any other part in a small number of steps (this is where the phrase 6 degrees of separation comes from). . . ."(read more at link above)

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Twitter Two-Factor Authentication May Not Stop Account Hijackings

Twitter's Two-Factor Authentication Can't Stop Account Hijackings: "In fact, two-factor won't even help organizations who don't want to be hijacked the way AP, The Onion, and The Guardian were earlier this month by the Syrian Electronic Army. Most organizations share accounts, where multiple staff members post using the same account. They won't be able to turn on two-factor because staff members don't have access to the same phone, Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, noted on the Naked Security blog."

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A House with Its Own Twitter Feed

In San Francisco, a House with Its Own Twitter Feed | MIT Technology Review: "As weird as a Twitter-enabled house might seem, it offers a glimpse of the future. As interest grows in the “Internet of things”—the idea of adding network connectivity to all sorts of normal objects—everything from desk lamps to ovens may soon come Internet-ready."

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