Social catastrophes

Social catastrophes
Chicago Tribune
Do a search on Twitter and Facebook for "Hurricane Sandy" and you'll find amazingly useful information, from direct lines to government officials to emergency tip lines to meteorologists tracking the storm by the minute. Used that way, social media is ...

Lawyer for New York man suing Facebook wants out of the case
Los Angeles Times
The New York man facing federal charges that he attempted to defraud Mark Zuckerberg and the company Zuckerberg founded Facebook Inc. may have lost yet another lawyer. Dean Boland, who is representing Paul Ceglia in a civil lawsuit that federal ...

Twitter finally embraces Windows on desktop, Windows 8 app coming
CNET (blog)
In recent months, Twitter has been making a push to create a consistent experience across as many platforms as possible, be it the Web, iOS, Android, OS X, Blackberry, or even Windows Phone 7. But one platform has been conspicuously missing: Windows ...

Facebook, Twitter abuzz with hurricane chatter
CBS News
Whether you call it Frankenstorm, Stormpocalypse or simply Hurricane Sandy, the giant weather system that barreled into the East Coast is a favorite topic of conversation on social media fromFacebook to Twitter. As people post updates to friends and ...

Unhinged: Liberals on Twitter want Hurricane Sandy to kill Mitt Romney
If you like this article, you can follow Joe on Twitter @jnewby1956, visit his Facebookpage, or subscribe to receive email updates when a new article is published. Be sure to check out some of Joe's other columns: Spokane Conservative Examiner ...

Facebook Shutdown: Hackers Give Advance Warning of Attack
A Facebook shutdown would be difficult for many people to handle. The social media giant is the hub of activity for millions of users at any given moment. However not all is well in the Zuckerberg Kingdom. According to a report in Business Insider ...

Sandy washes out end of Facebook lock-up
Chicago Tribune
Facebook Inc.'s Silicon Valley headquarters are far from the eye of Hurricane Sandy, yet for employees of the social networking company, the storm hit home. After nearly six months of watching as the value of Facebook's stock crumbled, employees ...

AMD Promises Facebook the Low-Power Chip of its Dreams
Three years ago, Facebook's operations guy wasn't too happy with Intel and AMD — the two companies that made server chips for the machine's in his data center. Jonathan Heiliger — then vice president of technical operations at the social networking...


Twitter Blog: Hurricane Sandy: Resources on Twitter
By Twitter
As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast of the U.S., here's a roundup of accounts suggested by local and state government officials you can follow to get real-time emergency information, plus tips for using Twitter during a crisis.
Twitter Blog

Hurricane Sandy and Twitter as a self-cleaning oven for news ...
By Mathew Ingram
As I've tried to argue before, the point is not that Twitter or Facebook or social networks in general are replacing mainstream media or mainstream journalism, but that the ecosystem of news is expanding to include a wide range of other ...

Twitter Offers Promoted Tweets to @RedCross, @FEMA for ...
By Harrison Weber
Twitter has announced a number of initiatives to aid users affected by Hurricane Sandy, including offering Promoted Crisis Tweets to @RedCross and more. ... Apple, Facebook and Others Team Up To Launch New Web Standards Website ...
The Next Web

How to Use Facebook and Twitter Without the Internet
By Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
As Hurricane Sandy makes its way up the Eastern Seaboard, many are without electricity. Here's how to use Twitter and Facebook without Internet access.

Tracking Hurricane Sandy News Through Twitter
By Danny Sullivan
Below, some tips on how to tune-in on Twitter. Why focus on Twitter over other social media sites? The nature of Twitter lends itself to rapid-fire updates in a way that Facebook or Google+ don't, where the posts tend to be more spread out.
Marketing Land - Internet Marketing...

Social media a news source and tool during Superstorm Sandy
CBS News
The U.S. East Coast was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy -- the Category 1 hurricane was downgraded by landfall Monday evening -- and people all over the world got a sense of events happening in the storm in real time, thanks to social media services like ...

Social media abuzz with Hurricane Sandy chatter as East Coast hunkers down
Washington Post
Whether you call it Frankenstorm, Stormpocalypse or simply Hurricane Sandy, the giant weather system barreling into the East Coast is a favorite topic of conversation on social media from Facebook to Twitter. As people post updates to friends and ...

Social media's election
Minnesota Daily
The fate of the White House will be decided one week from today. With so much at stake for both Gov. Mitt Romney's and President Barack Obama's campaigns, candidates are in overdrive to get their messages out to as many Americans as possible. Social ...

Think You Have What It Takes to Be a Social Media Manager?
Business Insider
Want to earn money as a social media consultant—even if you already have a day job? Check out our exciting free webinar with social media strategist Alexis Grant to learn how. All the cool kids aresocial media managers nowadays. And after that ...

NASCAR exec talks about social media
ESPN (blog)
That's a directive that Roush-Fenway drivers such as Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth never would hear from NASCAR senior vice president of racing operations Steve O'Donnell, who also has helped spearhead the sport's push into social media. The official ...

ESPN (blog)

Record social media buzz for champion Giants
San Francisco's Game 4 win was the most talked-about show on television Sunday and the most talked-about Major League Baseball game in history, even more so than the Cardinals' thrilling Game 6 win in the 2011 World Series, based on social media ...

Protests in China Get a Boost From Social Media
And the mostly middle-class protestors were not rising up because of past harms, but for fear of the future—and because, through social media, smartphones, and the Internet, they had gained information about the government's plans and also about the ...

Social media follow Hurricane Sandy's destructive path
In the past day, #Sandy has had more than 4 million mentions by almost 400,000 unique sources on Twitter, says Radian6, which tracks social media use. Mentions of #Sandy have had a potential reach of more than 3 billion Twitter followers, the site says.

Hearsay Guards Against Social Media Trouble
The long list of companies in the social enterprise space is getting tough to sort out. Here's how Hearsay Social's CTO Steve Garrity says his company is different: "You can be expressive without getting into trouble." That is, Hearsay Social promises ...

Hurricane Sandy: Authorities use social media to keep people informed
San Jose Mercury News
As Sandy unfolded, residents up and down the East Coast followed the storm every step of the way, thanks to social media and easily available online tools. Many government officials and agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, ...

How To Be Less Intolerable On Social Networking Sites | Thought ...
By Rachel Castro
I fervently encourage expressing and nurturing one's self through inexhaustible venues but when it comes to relationships, social media should never be one of them. Know that you're better than copying and pasting an old Kelly Clarkson lyric ...
Thought Catalog

What Social Media Does And Doesn't Do For Business - Business ...
By Ashley Lutz
As businesses navigate the social landscape, it's important to know what social media does and doesn't do for sales. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't look like social networks do a whole lot to drive sales, according to a recent report by ...
Business Insider

The Social Media Bandwagon: Everybody "Likes" a Winner - MTT ...
By Tom Dennehy
Less newsworthy was the fact that sales of Babel dropped 72% in week two (though still topping the charts). Social media had already moved on to tweeting the debut of a new album from Muse at #2. Then, Muse was history. Did you “like” the ...
Music Think Tank (primary) RSS

Infographic: SMB's Relationship With Social Media Options
By Frank Reed
The small and medium business crowd has always been tough to figure out and for good reason. Unlike the companies ...
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet...

Airline Social Media Outlook 2012 |
By simpliguen
A research conducted by SimpliFlying with 29 of the most social-savvy airlines around the world shows insights into how airlines dedicate resources to.

What Kind Of Social Media Zombie Are You? [Infographic ...
If you're still preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, I've got news for you—the Zombie Apocalypse is already here! Social media has turned many of us into ...

Google Adds Compare Button And Hangout App For Its Art Project, Which Has ...
Today, Google's Art Project added some new fun functionality that ties in Google+ features, and I think it's something that will really kick-start the project into new territory. The two things are aHangout app that's getting more attention and a new ...

The Pinterest-ization of the e-commerce experience
Pinterest has been one of the biggest web success stories of past 12 months. Its growing influence on fashion and product oriented web sites is now extending to e-commerce sites. A growing number of e-tailers from eBay to mom-and-pop operations are ...

LinkedIn: Hiring trends in India relatively strong
Times of India
According to the LinkedIn Recruiting Trends survey with over 3,000 professionals/recruiters from the HR/Talent Acquisition department, of which 255 were from India, hiring in India remains healthy, despite global macroeconomic trends. "Over 50 per cent ...

New eBook Dissects Pinterest as a Powerful Referral Machine and Marketing Tool
Shawn Manaher, Founder and CEO of The Content Authority, has announced the release of his brand new eBook “Marketing with Pinterest.” This comprehensive and insightful guide is aimed at online entrepreneurs hoping to improve their social media ...

Pinning the interest of Pinterest
The Stylus
Pinterest is a pinboard-style social media site. The site provides photos, or “pins,” for new and fun ideas for holidays. It's the perfect way to find new ways celebrate your events. For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, you're missing out ...

Why Your Business Center Needs a LinkedIn Profile
ABCN's Officing Today
“LinkedIn is about connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale. We're not just talking about the tools to enable people to find their dream jobs. We're also talking about tools that enable people to be great at the jobs that they already have ...

LinkedIn Reattaching Itself To Fundamentals, Growth Story May Be Over
Seeking Alpha
Many analysts have raved about LinkedIn's performance and how the stock has outperformed the market, its social media counterparts, etc. This is debatable - if you received some of the very small IPO allocation you have undoubtedly gained. However ...

With 25% Of U.S. Doctors On Board, QuantiaMD Lands $12M To Become The ...
QuantiaMD, one of a growing number of companies attempting to build the LinkedIn for the medical community, today announced that it has raised $12 million in venture financing from Fuse Capital. The expansion round is the company's largest raise to ...

What's Cooking on Pinterest? Mexican Dorito Casserole
Houston Press (blog)
The classic cheesy nacho chips known as Doritos have been used in various ways over the years. Most recently, Taco Bell has transformed their signature taco shell into a Dorito taco shell ... still not too sure about that one. But, this week on ...

Houston Press (blog)

Who's Winning the Pinterest Election? [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Alex Fitzpatrick
Barack Obama has more Pinterest engagement than Mitt Romney, but Ann Romney's doing better than Michelle Obama.

Is the New LinkedIn Layout a Success? | Socialnomics
By Amanda DiSilvestro
LinkedIn recently changed its layout and added a few features, but some things were removed. Were the changes really for the better? Learn more here!

VatorNews - The Fancy raises $26M for Pinterest-like marketplace
By Faith Merino
The Fancy raises $26M for Pinterest-like marketplace. Company adds PPR CEO and AmEx Chairman to board of directors by Faith Merino on October 29, 2012. news stories and report

8 Ideas for Visual Content on Pinterest | Network Solutions Small ...
By Monika Jansen
Pinterest boards Unless you have a company that is hyper-creative and visual by nature, finding things to pin on Pinterest that are relevant to your business can be hard. In the second post of this three-part series on sharing visual content on ...
Network Solutions Small Business...

Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week - Yahoo! News
If you like Pinterest-inspired activities, you're in luck. We found a tutorial that shows you how to turn a book into a secret compartment, as well as an adorable ...

Hurricane Sandy - Social Media Edition

Hurricane Preparations on Wall St., Social Media Edition
New York Times (blog)
The streets of lower Manhattan were deserted on Monday as Wall Street workers took shelter from Hurricane Sandy. But as with any big event in the city, social media sites were buzzing with photographs and other updates about the approaching storm.

New York Times (blog)

Facebook Sex Trafficking: Social Network Used To Kidnap Indonesian Girls
Huffington Post
It's a click she will forever regret, leading to a brutal story that has repeated itself as sexual predators find new ways to exploit Indonesia's growing obsession with social media. The junior high student was quickly smitten by the man's smooth ...

WATCH: 60 Seconds of Social Media
Huffington Post (blog)
But does social media buzz translate to TV ratings? Nielsen's first social media study last year revealed that a 9 percent increase in social media chatter corresponded to a 1 percent increase in viewership among 18-49-year-olds -- and that wasn't even ...

Social Media a Hotbed of Political Debate, Engagement - For the Good?
PBS MediaShift
Since the last presidential election in 2008, the proliferation of social media users and mobile devices has brought a corresponding surge in political activities on social networks and Twitter. Two recent surveys from the Pew Research Center confirm ...

PBS MediaShift

As Twitter incidents multiply, Michigan athletes sign social media policy in ...
For college athletes, social media use tends toward the extreme: It's either a blessing or a curse. In the past year, two University of Michigan football players earned their team secondary NCAA violations by inadvertently tweeting at a recruit; a ...

Social media helps out as Hurricane Sandy approaches
The Daily Star
Social media helps out as Hurricane Sandy approaches. October 29, 2012 02:15 PM. Agence France Presse. High winds blow sea foam onto Jeanette's Pier in Nags Head, N.C., Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012 as wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy move into the ...

The Daily Star

Earthquake ricochets through social media
Vancouver Sun
Social media was atwitter over the weekend after a 7.7-magnitude earthquake was detected off the west coast of Haida Gwaii Saturday night. Tweets ranged from the useful and informative to the banal and even ludicrous. Earthquakes Canada, a branch of ...

Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Skills – Attend SMX Social Media ...
Search Engine Land
Social media marketing is evolving so rapidly. Just last week Twitter added gender targeting. Facebook's new Suggested Posts now allow you to reach people who have no connection to your brand. And Pinterest may drive even more visits now that it's a ...

Search Engine Land

U.S. companies find social media less useful overseas
Denver Business Journal (blog)
There's plenty of hype about how you can use social media to build your company. In the United States, we're told that if a business has a low marketing budget, it still can put up a Facebook page, for example, and profit from it. That remains to be seen.

Interactive maps show social media activity for Mid-Atlantic region
York Daily Record
The map below shows geotagged social media for southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. Some of the media may contain information on Hurricane Sandy. Click on the icons to find out what people are saying on social media in that area.

Top 10 Airlines With Highest Social Media Engagement This Week
By Anita Li
Emirates topped this week's chart for airlines with the highest social media engagement.

Not a Social Media Guy – Bigger Stories
By ceb
Having a lot of domain knowledge about these social media tools has labeled me a social media guy. I understand that. I've been a cheerleader for this or that tool for quite a long time. But the truth is, the tools are just that. They're interesting ...

Why You Should Quit Running Those ... - Social Media Today
By RGBSocial
I can speak from personal experience that social media promotions and giveaways, if executed and promoted properly, can be excellent fan acquisition tools. Without a doubt, promotions and giveaways are one of the fastest ways to attract ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

In Twitter We Trust: Can Social Media Sway Voters? : NPR
Social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, have been important parts of this year's presidential campaigns. As Americans prepare to head to the polls, ...

Amanda Todd's suicide and social media's sexualisation of youth ...
Naomi Wolf: As the sad story of the bullied Canadian teenager shows, girls are especially vulnerable to imagery sold by the porn industry.

Another Facebook Lockup Expires, But Sandy Delays Potential Stock Sales
Wall Street Journal (blog)
That is the first big tranche of employee stock eligible to be sold, with more coming next month as well, according to Facebook documents. There is the notable exception of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's stake, which after selling some of his stock in the IPO ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Facebook used to kidnap, traffic Indonesian girls (blog)
Websites that track social media say Indonesia has nearly 50 million people signed up forFacebook, making it one of the world's top users after the U.S. The capital, Jakarta, was recently named the most active Twitter city by Paris-based social media ...

Twitter accounts for storm, relief updates
All the governors of the affected states are on Twitter with regular updates about evacuation plans, highway closures and emergency hotlines. Among the most active are Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, Chris Christie of New Jersey (who, in typically blunt ...

Twitter Users Who Threatened Romney's Life Remain Active
The Weekly Standard (blog)
More than a dozen Twitter accounts that were used as a medium to publically threaten Republican candidate Mitt Romney's life after the second presidential debate remain active, nearly two weeks later. This news comes after the Secret Service told this ...

A Look at Some of the Best Sandy Photos on Twitter
Wall Street Journal (blog)
As Hurricane Sandy slams the east coast, notable folks have taken to Twitter to post photos and videos of the storm. Famous folks ranging from Ricky Gervais (who weighed in with a racy joke) to CNN host Piers Morgan (“Never seen anything like this,” he ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Twitter isn't a tool for groupthink
I guess it all comes down to who you follow and whether you escape the hall of mirrors by occasionally shutting the thing off. Follow @CNNOpinion on Twitter. Join us atFacebook/CNNOpinion. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of ...

Google, Twitter, Facebook provide real-time updates on Hurricane Sandy (blog)
Their Silicon Valley headquarters may be a continent away from Hurricane Sandy's winds stormy path but Google, Facebook and Twitter are providing real-time updates on the historic storm. Google launched "crisis maps" that show where the storm is and ...

Facebook Sued by Gambit Over Market for Social Game Currency
Gambit was the leading virtual currency and payment- processing provider to software developers that published games on Facebook and other social networks. Facebook's decision in 2009 to offer its own services to developers destroyed a “vibrant and ...

Facebook IPO Fallout: Citi Fined $2 Million, Fires Two Analysts
Wall Street & Technology
Citigroup fired its top Internet analyst, Mark Mahaney, and paid a $2 million fine to a Massachusetts regulator to settle charges that the bank improperly disclosed research on Facebook IPO. Tags: Citigroup, Facebook,. Tweet. Email Print. October 29 ...

The Teacher's Guide to Facebook
By Matt Petronzio
McEwan uses Twitter, for example, to share links and other things she finds interesting regarding her field, so she lets any student follow her there. Facebook, in contrast, focuses more on the individual. “I view Facebook as a bit more personal, ...
Mashable » Social Media

Facebook claimant charged with fraud - Boing Boing
By Rob Beschizza
Rob Beschizza at 8:45 pm Sun, Oct 28. Paul Ceglia, the New York businessman who claimed to own half of Facebook, was charged with fraud Friday over evidence presented in the case. [BBC] Previously. Follow Rob Beschizza on Twitter.
Boing Boing

Shopping Site The Fancy Sells a $26 Million Round
All Things Digital
But it has now evolved into The Fancy, which is essentially a fashion-forward version ofPinterest, with an explicit e-commerce option built into the site. Here's an interview with Einhorn from way back in December 2010: Tagged with: Chris Hughes, Ed ...

All Things Digital

Linkedin Corp Third Quarter Earnings Sneak Peek
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
Linkedin Corporation (NYSE:LNKD) will unveil its latest earnings on Thursday, November 1, 2012.LinkedIn is a professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Linkedin Corporation Earnings ...

Can LinkedIn Provide Safety This Earnings Season?
Seeking Alpha
In early July, I wrote a favorable piece regarding LinkedIn (LNKD) which was centered around the potential for shares to retest $120. My belief in the stock rested solely on the upward momentum the company had experienced in June after a shaky May ...

Vision Boards and Pinterest: A Goal-Oriented Match Made in Heaven
Pinterest is an addictive and advantageous social network for many reasons and there are even more ways to use it than can possibly be imagined, but with so much out there on the web to be pinned it can be easy to get caught up pinning information you...


The View from Here: Crafting a passion for Pinterest
Journal and Courier
For those of you not in the know, Pinterest (cue the eye roll and groan from my boyfriend) is a social media site where people (well, mostly women) share pictures of recipes, household tips, fashion inspiration and wedding ideas. Lots of wedding ideas.

Viewing 3rd Level Network Profiles On LinkedIn For Free
Business 2 Community
It's been niggling me for a while that I seem to get inconsistent results within LinkedIn when viewing others' personal profiles. Sometimes, everything seems to be available; but other times I'll be in the middle of a process and suddenly be denied access.

Get paid to post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Which means people can make money by doing what they might already be doing every day and that's sharing things they like on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We had one of our Production Assistants test out a program rolled out recently.


Why American Chapter 11 Beats Canadian CBCA
Seeking Alpha
$1 earned by LinkedIn is worth $2480 dollars earned by Dex One. $1 earned by Dex One is worth $0.0004 dollars earned by LinkedIn. It begs the question. Is a LinkedIn (LNKD) dollar really intrinsically worth 2480x that of a Dex One dollar? The point of ...
Are you prepared to hand over your Facebook password to your boss? (blog)
I wrote a column last week looking at a unique case involving a woman who was fired from her job and her employer essentially hijacked her LinkedIn account and kept it. She sued and the case could have widespread ramifications for all of us when it ...

Netflix and Pinterest could be offline within 48 hours
Film Industry Network (blog)
If you love streaming movies and sharing photos then you'll hate having to deal with yet another major outage affecting your favourite websites. Both Netflix and Pinterest are just a few of the high profile clients that could be taken offline by ...

Film Industry Network (blog)

So No Apple Acquisition, Then? Pinterest Rival Fancy Raises $26 ...
By Sarah Perez
Pinterest rival Fancy was rumored to be in acquisition talks with Apple, but that outcome is sounding more distant today because the startup has raised a big,..

Pinterest Provides Inspiration for Halloween Costumes, Makeup and ...
By Paul Chaney
Want to guess? If Pinterest comes to mind, you are exactly right. People are turning to social networks like Pinterest and Facebook for inspiration, and you can be sure that when ideas are needed, retailers won't be far behind in providing them.
Social Commerce Today

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – Is Social Media Turning Us ...
By Shea Bennett
Is social media turning us into zombies? Perhaps. Certainly, some Facebook users can't stop posting endless photos of their children, or are constantly checking in to any and everywhere that they go. It's fair to say that there are people on ...

How to Serve a Balanced Social Content Diet on Facebook and Google+
Business 2 Community
Businesses and organizations have made strides in the last year to improve their overall understanding and strategy in social media. Many who once played in the social media realm using traditional internet marketing techniques such as posting only ...

Business 2 Community

Microsoft's Big Gamble Could Be Linux's Big Shot
TechNewsWorld (blog)
"I think there is an opening, but it may close quickly," said Google+ blogger Kevin O'Brien. "People who try Windows 8 on a desktop or laptop will hate it, but that is what will be pre-loaded. If they want Windows 7, they will have to actually purchase ...

Four simple actions that will help you get the most of Google+
Econsultancy (blog)
Love it or hate it, Google+ is here to stay so you may as well start trying to use it to your advantage. The overriding argument for getting on G+ is that, put simply: “It's Google.” Think how much of your traffic comes from search. Don't you want to ...

Facebook, Email More Irresistible Than Sex

Facebook, Email More Irresistible Than Sex
ABC News (blog)
While the desire for sex was stronger, the study subjects were more likely to cave into the desire to use media, including email and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, according to the study. “Media desires, such as social ...

How to Win the Pinterest Game
As much we love repinning content that others post, it is important to add unique content topinterest too – especially if the posts link back to your website. Unique content has a better chance of being repinned and helps build your reputation as a ...

Social Saturday: Newfangled Instagram menu reflects new trends
Humphrey's a Ph.D. student in marketing specializing in business strategies related to social mediaand mobile marketing at Texas Tech University - and someone who I talk to regularly via Twitter mostly about social media/mobile news and trends. He ...

Social Media: How to listen first
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines (blog)
You can't overflow someone's cup with your own ideas until you first let them pour out their cup by listening to their thoughts and needs. A great parable for leadership, management and relationships in general, it has a great lesson for social media ...

Givers Take to Social Media to Find Causes
Wall Street Journal
From Facebook posts to Twitter feeds, charities are embracing social media as a tool to find, engage and keep donors long after the first check is written. Donors also are taking to social networks to find and share information about charities they ...

Wall Street Journal

Inside Stories: Politics invades social-media, some aren't happy about it
Statesman Journal
About 60 percent of American adults use either social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and a new survey by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project finds that 66 percent of those social media users — or 39 percent of all ...

A council clash on not-so-social media
Philadelphia Inquirer
Modern technology makes our lives so much easier in so many ways - it even allows politicians to trade snide remarks without even being in the same room. To wit: Council members James F. Kenney and Bill Green, who have been willing to exchange snide ...

savaging for out-of-touch brands
The Australian
Evidence of the power of social media in Australian culture is mounting. Examples range from the resounding backlash against Charlotte Dawson's Twitter trolls to activist group Destroy the Joint's ability to pressure hundreds of sponsors to pull out of ...

How The Smartest Companies Leverage Visual Social Media
There's a strong trend in social media toward all things visual. A 2012 study by ROI Research shows that with more people engaging with social media from smartphones (63% of the 1,297 people queried), they're discovering that taking pictures on the go ...


Social media in China has censors working overtime
Alaska Dispatch
Before Cai Bin, social media was obsessed with another scandal, about a top official's son who died a fiery death at the wheel of a $680,000 Ferrari while in various stages of undress with two young women. There was also a drunken official who ...

Politics, socail media can be an uneasy mix
CHICAGO — Sean Bergan has witnessed the turbulent confluence of a heated presidential race and the free-wheeling world of social media. And, like many this election season, he has responded by putting a virtual finger to his lips, saying "Shhhhh!" and ...

58 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed
By Fran Berkman
As always, the roundup includes the latest social media tutorials, online resources for businesses and enriching digital lifestyle developments. It's all about the Internet, and we're breaking it down for your benefit and enjoyment.

The Power of the Opening Paragraph | Social Media Today
By hishaman
It's been said that the purpose of all writing is to merely persuade the reader to proceed to the next sentence. Considering the importance of first impressions, this puts a lot of pressure on a writer to absolutely nail the opening paragraph of any ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Strategies for Succeeding in the Cloud: What's Stopping You ...
By Debra Askanase
In both case studies that on nonprofits that successfully moved into the cloud, the critical elements were collaboration and management support. It's interesting that these same two elements are critical for social media success as well.
Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits...

Facebook Worldmap |
By lukeanker
Rank: 2221 of 2222 in Social Media. Tags: facebook, world ... Google's History of Social MediaInfographic · Google's History of ... How the Automotive Industry is Embracing Social MediaInfographic ... Social Media Dashboard Infographic ... - Social Media

Can Social Media Play A Role in Improving Retention in Higher ...
By K. Walsh
Studies have concluded that social engagement can benefit retention efforts, and schools and teachers are successfully pursuing this tactic with the help of.
Emerging Education Technology

4 Social Media Management Tips For Communication During
Here are 4 tips on using social media management during a crisis. When natural disasters strike, people turn to online networks to find information quickly.

The Police Cost Of Facebook And Twitter
New figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday show that at least three arrests are being made every day for sending offensive messages via phones and computers, including people harassing ex-partners by text message and making hoax threats as well as ...

Ceglia held on Facebook fraud charges
Irish Times
A New York man has been arrested on charges he forged documents in a multibillion-dollar scheme to defraud social networking site Facebook and its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, through a lawsuit claiming an ownership stake in the Internet company.

Irish Times

Facebook at Risk as Lock-Up Expiration Looms
Sci-Tech Today
As another lock-up expiration period looms for Facebook, Wall Street is keenly watching what happens because this will be the first indication of how loyal, satisfied and optimistic workers are with Facebook and its prospects. This is the first time ...

Sci-Tech Today

Citi fined US$2mil over Facebook IPO, fires two analysts
The Sun Daily
BOSTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Oct 26, 2012): Citigroup fired its top Internet analyst, Mark Mahaney, and paid a US$2 million fine to a Massachusetts regulator to settle charges that the bank improperly disclosed research on Facebook IPO and information on ...

Facebook Gift Event Also Gets Blown Out of NYC by Hurricane Sandy
All Things Digital
Along with cancellation of tomorrow's Google Android product event and postponement of our latest All Things Digital conference, D: Dive Into Mobile, which was set to take place tomorrow and on Tuesday, Facebook is also now putting the kibosh on two ...

All Things Digital

MILBANK: Twitter trend: Groupthink
Rapid City Journal
This was to have been the campaign when Twitter and other social media allowed new voices to enter the debate, delivering a more diverse array of opinion and helping candidates reach beyond the media filter. In reality, social media have had the ...

Stop strangers from contacting you on Facebook
CNET (blog)
To avoid receiving messages or friend requests from people you don't know, you just need to tweak a few of the privacy settings on Facebook. Doing so will save people who get a lot of these requests some hassle, and will ensure that you don't ...

Facebook Fix: Take Control Back from the Puppetmaster
Business 2 Community
Not good Facebook! However, our LinkedIn referrals were up 191.67%, Pinterest referrals were up 56.52%, and Twitter was up 2.84%. Are Facebook users already finding the content they WANT other places instead of what Facebook tells them they want?

Business 2 Community

Keeping Up with Sandy on Twitter - Kara Swisher - News - AllThingsD
By Kara Swisher
So, if you are tracking Hurricane Sandy as it moves up the East Coast today and reaches U.S. landfall, here are some good Twitter accounts to monitor: @weatherchannel: The Weather Channel's updates about, you guessed it, weather.

The big market Facebook is missing out on — Tech News and ...
By Brian McConnell, entrepreneur, publisher Translation Reports
... users at scale (4 of 1200 households in my San Francisco neighborhood are online), while Twitter, which has supported location-based tweets for sometime, lacks the type of intelligent filtering Facebook employs to keep noise levels low.

Mother Who Was Using Facebook When Child Died Sentenced ...
By matthewbuettner
A mother who was using Facebook when her 20-month-old daughter was hit by a van learned her punishment on Friday. ... Facebook, Karen Pena, Laneice Fletcher. AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A mother who was using Facebook when her ...
CBS Denver

New York man who sued Facebook faces criminal charges ...
A New York man was arrested Friday on charges he forged documents in a multibillion-dollar scheme to defraud Facebook Inc and its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, through a lawsuit claiming a huge ownership stake in the Internet ...
GMA News Online

LinkedIn And The Mutable Rules Of Social Networking
And LinkedIn is a network of colleagues – to cover off a few of the big ones. (I'm still trying to figure out a neat description for Google+ — feel free to add yours in the comments.) But those neat descriptions are simplifications of more complex and ...


Bay Area provides a glimpse of the future
Boston Globe
SAN FRANCISCO — Having beaten my checked bag to the luggage carousel, I fired up my iPhone and did something illegal. Using an app called SideCar, I summoned a complete stranger to come pick me up from the airport. Earlier in October, a California...

Boston Globe

A Quick and Easy Way To See Which Of Your Images Visitors Are Pinning On ...
Business 2 Community
Have you ever wanted to be able to find out which of your images are getting pinned from your website onto Pinterest by your visitors? Fortunately, Pinterest makes it really easy to see all pinned images – from any site – and thus, from your own as well!

Business 2 Community

Pinteresting ideas invade Halloween
And, an idea for the pumpkin punctured with lollipops originated from craft matriarch Martha Stewart's website, The Better Homes and Gardens website,, also is a frequent source of holiday ideas pinned to Pinterest.

The Facebook Inc (FB) Hurricane: Wait it Out
Insider Monkey (blog)
Investors have been generous to some of Facebook's peers in this respect such asLinkedin Corporation (NYSE:LNKD). Linkedin's IPO in May 2011 opened at $45 a share, and shares presently trade at slightly over $105. Facebook has been receiving...

Insider Monkey (blog)

Content Marketing Research: 5 Ways You Should Adapt for 2013
Business 2 Community
In addition, our survey found that Pinterest probably holds the bigger promise for brands. For example, 41 percent of Pinterest users are currently sharing brand-related content on the site, compared to 35 percent of Instagram users. Both sites do well ...

Business 2 Community

6 LinkedIn Groups to Help You Land Your Next Job
By Chelsea Gladden
Beyond listing your qualifications, LinkedIn is a place to network, share ideas and make connections that will help you find your next project.
Mashable » Business

Social Media Engagement Drives Sales, Study Reveals

Social Media Engagement Drives Sales, Study Reveals
Convenience Store Decisions
The research constitutes a social media marketing breakthrough because it establishes the accountability link long sought by brands that have showered dollars on social media outlets while attempting to prove the return on investment to C-suite skeptics.

Citi Analyst Fired After Facebook Disclosure
Wall Street Journal
Massachusetts' securities regulator fined Citigroup Inc. $2 million for failing to supervise technology analyst Mark Mahaney and an unnamed junior research analyst who improperly disclosed confidential information about Facebook Inc.'s initial public ...

Wall Street Journal

Paul Ceglia, who sued Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for half the company ...
CBS News
A New York entrepreneur suing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for a 50 percent ownership stake in the social media giant was arrested Friday on charges that he falsified records and destroyed evidence in a multibillion scheme to defraud both Facebook ...

Residents say accused killer of Autumn Pasquale attended vigil, 'liked ...
The Star-Ledger -
Later on, they said, the 15-year-old apparently "liked" a Facebook page dedicated to the rescue effort. And just hours before Autumn's body was found late Monday, Robinson apparently posted a single name on the Facebook wall of the girl's older brother.

The Star-Ledger -

Facebook profile of cop Gilberto Valle showed he stewed over Nassau officer's ...
New York Daily News
A glance at the Facebook profile of twisted cop Gilberto Valle reveals a man fed up with the criminal justice system and eager to leave the NYPD. But there was no hint of his alleged Hannibal Lecter plot to kidnap, cook and eat women. Valle's most ...

New York Daily News

Facebook Leaves the Privacy Barn Door Open to App Developers
Search Engine Journal
Yesterday afternoon, Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch broke the news about how some Facebook app developers are exploiting the private information of social media users. In her article, she relates the story of Bogomil Shopov an internet marketer ...

Facebook's Oldest Users Jostle for Title
ABC News (blog)
The website he created as a social network for college students is now the site of a brewing battle between two centenarians over who can lay claim to being the oldest among Facebook's more than 1 billion monthly users. Logged on in one corner is ...

ABC News (blog)

Will Facebook Employees Line Up To Cash Out? (blog)
Those shares are part of a larger block of more than 1 billion shares being “unlocked” by Facebook in the coming weeks and available for sale on the public market. For a company whose public trading float stands at roughly 630 million shares, according ... (blog)

Twitter Impersonator Targets Child Actor
ABC News
He would frequently post photos of himself, sharing publicity shots with his 100 followers, but also more intimate photos friends and family members had taken and first posted on their own Facebook pages. Over time, however, some of the tweets became...

ABC News

How Twitter may have tipped the election for Romney
Fox News
Instead, their eyes were perpetually glued to their iPads, Blackberrys and iPhones reading what other people were saying about the debate in Twitter Feeds and Facebook posts. That instantaneous scoring distorted the reality of the debates for the ...

Twitter Launches “90% Accurate” Gender Targeting For Advertisers
Twitter does not have the kinds of targeting capabilities Facebook has when it comes to advertising. Twitter simply does not know as much about its users as Facebook does. It's not really the way Twitter operates. However, as the company works to ...

Facebook, Twitter Help Teens Develop, Says Study [VIDEO]
By Joann Pan
A recent study shows teen interactions on social media networks are growing more intimate, personal and affecting youth development.
Mashable » Social Media

Facebook Praises Zynga
By Alex Wilhelm
Alex Wilhelm is a San Francisco-based writer. You can find Alex on Twitter, and on Facebook. You can reach Alex via email at Nibodha Technologies. Sad to see the Zynga story, we ...
The Next Web

Citi Analyst Terminated After Facebook Disclosure - Matthias Rieker ...
By Matthias Rieker and Liz Moyer
Massachusetts' securities regulator fined Citigroup Inc. $2 million for failing to supervise technology analyst Mark Mahaney and an unnamed junior research analyst who improperly disclosed confidential information about Facebook Inc.'s initial public offering and unpublished revenue estimates for Google Inc.'s YouTube. ... How a Videogame God Inspired a Twitter Doppelgänger — And Resurrected His Career. Jason Tanz, Editor, Wired Magazine. Alexander Taub ...

Facebook works on game quality, social to keep users from calling it ...
By Eliza Kern
For Facebook, the name of the game is getting more social gaming hits, using word of mouth and the new App Center to recommend games to friends that will turn users to players to payers, as company executives said Thursday to reporters ...

Bulgarian Blogger Purchases 1.1 Million Facebook Names, URLs ...
By Liz Klimas
I'm an author, so in addition to my personal page I have an author page–because I “have” to, even though I prefer Twitter. My name, my email where I can be contacted, and my facebook URL are already things you can find because I put it out ... - Stories
Prosecutor's new filing: Zimmerman defense using social media for 'spin'
Orlando Sentinel
In support of his latest request for a gag order, the lead prosecutor in the George Zimmerman murder case filed paperwork today attacking a wide array of public statements made by the defense via traditional and social media. Prosecutor Bernie de la ...

Consumers Demand Service Through Social Media
Destination CRM
According to a new study from NM Incite, a social media consumer insights provider and joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey, nearly half (47 percent) of U.S. social media users today actively seek customer service through social media. NM Incite ...

Panda's Game 1 fireworks light up social media
Pablo Sandoval's historic performance in Game 1 of the World Series had fans across the world buzzing on social media, as San Francisco's 8-3 win over the Tigers on Wednesday night generated the second-most social media comments in postseason ...

Social media in election: Michelle Obama and Ann Romney tweet it out
Social media these days allows notable personalities to connect directly with the public. In an election year, the power of social media is even more notable, and this year, campaigns for public office have tried to harness that power and influence to ...

Pinterest breaks through to the top 50 websites
Pinterest attracted approximately 25.3 million visitors for the month alone and continued its surge in the social media sphere. In comparison to other larger and older websites the numbers were dwarfed, yet the accomplishment signals a growing interest...

Why Your Company's Social Media Policy May Be Illegal Part II – But Employees ...
Long Island Business News
The value of a good social media policy for a company cannot be overstated. For months now, case after case has shown that issues can arise where a company does not have social mediaguidelines or policies. One such issue is who owns social media ...

Bolivia weighs regulating social media
The vice president's comments have drawn sharp criticism from some free speech advocates. But lawmakers from Morales' Movement for Socialism party say they hope to push a proposed law regulating social media through the country's Congress. More on ...

How Social Media Is Introducing NBA Fans to a Budding Star
By Sam Laird
Damian Lillard wasn't a highly touted high school player and he didn't attend a powerhouse college program like Duke or Kentucky. But the kid. Can. Ball.

Social Media: the Open Door to Brand Loyalty | Social Media Today
By caitlinz10
When it comes to business success, customer loyalty is everything. Every company out there dreams of having dedicated clients who also share positive reviews with other potential consumers. Luckily, social media provides the perfect ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

How do companies cope with social media criticism? | SmartPlanet
By Charlie Osborne
Nestle's digital team is part of a growing trend taking place in businesses worldwide — monitoringsocial media for brand damage control.
All Content on SmartPlanet

NJ Senate Approves Bills On Social Media, Employers « CBS New ...
By skschust
The State Senate passed two bills that would make it illegal for employers or colleges to demand passwords from applicants or students.
CBS New York

With Social Media, Honesty Is Always the Best Policy | Social Media ...
By steve olenski
While brand managers and brand marketers don't necessarily need to dress like Abraham Lincoln - although the stovepipe hat may come back in fashion at some point - they would be wise to adhere to one of his most famous sayings: ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Google+ Hangouts Make Their Way To The Space Station
Social News Daily
Google+ Hangouts have gone above and beyond their original intention and this time have made their way to the International Space Station. Hangouts are a group video chat up to 10 people and Hangouts On Air are a group video chat that's live streamed ...

10 in 10: Google Plus | Google and Your Business
By Jacinth Sohi
Editor's note: For the 10th month of the year, we'll be sharing 10 tips each week for using a different Google product. Our final post features 10 ways your business can get the most out of usingGoogle+. Previously we've featured tips on Gmail, ...
Google and Your Business

Pinterest lets select 'top-level' domains verify their accounts
CNET (blog)
Pinterest is now letting users announce to the world they're legit. The social network announced today that it is launching a new feature for users to "verify" that they own the Web site posted on their Pinterest profile. The pinning site is joining ...

Facebook Took About Two Weeks To Change Its Mind About Killing Pinterest
Business Insider
Collections, a feature which let Facebook users place items that interested them in visual lists, similar to a service provided by Pinterest, has temporarily shut down, Josh Constine reports at TechCrunch. A small number of businesses got to add ...

Business Insider

Pinterest for Dudes
Over the past year a handful of sites have come up with a manly twist on Pinterest. Instead of ogling pretty table settings and wedding photos, visitors to such sites as Dudepins, Dartitup, Gentlemint and Manteresting see montages of gadgets, fast cars...


Pinbooster Launches Its Pay-To-Pin Ad Platform For Pinterest
This week, Pinterest cracked the top 50 most trafficked websites in the U.S. with its now 25.3 million stateside visitors, but the social photo-sharing site has yet to determine how it will monetize all those pins. However, that hasn't stopped other ...

Burda Raises Stake and Bids for Rest of Xing, 'LinkedIn of Germany'
IDG News Service — German publisher Burda Digital has increased its stake in professional social network Xing to 38.89 percent, triggering a disclosure requirement and a mandatory offer to minority stakeholders. Burda is offering A!44 per share ...

Spruce Up Your Halloween 2012 Celebrations With Pinterest
Whether you're scraping for a last-minute Halloween costume, or simply want to spruce up your annual gathering, Pinterest is a great resource. The majority of the site's images link back to an original source for handy tips or online ordering. Find ...

Leading Investment Service Previews Earnings for LinkedIn, OpenTable, Yelp ...
Sacramento Bee
PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 26, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- The Bull Market Report ("BMR") (, an online investment newsletter focused on long-term growth and income-generating stocks, has provided subscribers with earnings previews of ...

Startup Spotlight: CanWeNetwork app finds LinkedIn connections for you
Upstart (blog)
by Chris Calnan, Upstart Business Journal October 26, 2012 | 8:01am EDT. An Austin, Texas-based company has launched a matchmaking tool that uses LinkedIn's (NYSE: LNKD) database to introduce like-minded businesspeople to each other. Officials at ...

Update: Facebook Plans To Build Out Pinterest-Style Collections ...
By Josh Constine
Very Pinteresting, in fact. Last night I asked Facebook why its Collections feature had disappeared, and it confirmed "the test is now complete". Bu..

Pinterest announces website verification, much like Twitter and ...
By Emil Protalinski
Pinterest today announced it is launching website verification, which, as its name implies, lets you verify that you own the website listed on your Pinterest profile. The company says it is rolling out the features on the Web version of its site this ...
The Next Web

Pinterest Launches Website Verification | WebProNews
By Chris Crum
Pinterest announced that it is launching website verification, in order to let users verify when they are the owner of the site associated with their Pinterest profile. As Pinterest becomes a bigger player in ecommerce, this feature is going to be all ...
Top News - WebProNews

Pinterest Adds Website Verification to Profile Pages
By Samantha Murphy
Pinterest is rolling out a feature called website verification to profile pages, making it easier for users to find out more about who they are following.
Mashable » Social Media

Pinterest Hits Top 50 US Websites With 25.3 Million Visitors ...
By Rollin Bishop
Pinterest is quickly showing every other social media platform how it's done. comScore, an Internet analytics company, noted back in February that Pinterest was the fastest independent site to hit 10 million monthly unique visitors they'd ever measured.

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