Social media hones cynical edge in presidential politics

Sarcasm campaigning: Social media hones cynical edge in presidential politics (blog)
Even if you aren't on Twitter, virtually all political reporters are, and they increasingly take their cues from it. This is the first presidential election in which social media will play a mainstream role, and it's important to remember not ... (blog)

NYPD To Double Size Of Gang Unit Over Social Media Violence
Huffington Post
NEW YORK -- The New York Police Department is planning to double the size of its gang unit to 300 detectives to combat teen violence fueled by dares and insults traded on social media. Rather than target established street gangs involved in the drug ...

Can Seth McFarlane Boost Oscar's Social Media Buzz? Check The Charts
Comparing the top three shows to the Oscars is somewhat unfair — they all bring multiple mega-star musicians to the screen and that's prime fodder for Social Media and especially Twitter. Still, a television show that is treated like a national ...

Bruce Springsteen Stars In Gay Marriage Social Media Campaign (PHOTO)
Huffington Post
October 1, 2012 8:09 pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry Reply Retweet Favorite. As to why an extrasocial media push is necessary this November, The Four 2012 co-founder Brian Ellner told USA Today: "We have never won one of these votes of the people.

Lock down your social media with essential security add-ons
PCWorld (blog)
Oversharing: It's become standard operating procedure in our social-media-obsessed world. Still, there's a difference between Facebooking embarrassing party photos or tweeting about your celebrity crush, and actually releasing critical private ...

A Social Media Marketing Paradox?
Practical Ecommerce
A new study finds that social media influences just one percent of ecommerce transactions, meaning that thousands of merchants could be, potentially, wasting valuable marketing dollars. But consumers and small and mid-sized retailers are claiming ...

Using Social Media as SEO - What Can it Do For You?
Social media has become an important factor in Google's algorithm calculation to work out the ranks of businesses in search engines. Webpages are likely to rank higher if they've been shared, 'liked', 'followed' and generally talked about on social ...

Churches embrace technology, social media to connect
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Karl Hoeflein of Chili prays with a stranger on the web who has requested prayer through The Father's House social media platforms, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012. / MARIE DE JESUS/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER ...

How Smart Devices and Social Media Impact Your Shopping Habits ...
By Anita Li
Pre-Internet, the motto for shopping could've been “try and buy.” Nowadays, social media and mobile devices add a new dimension to the retail experience. Online tools such as review sites, social networks and smartphones produce data for ...

Widespread social media blackout vs Cybercrime Law - GMA Network
The movement started at daybreak and quickly gained momentum over the day until social mediawere awash with blacked-out status updates and profile pics.
GMA News Online

Three Simple but Powerful Social Media for Nonprofits Tips ...
By Shari Ilsen
The Social Media for Nonprofits conference series has produced mountains of material to help nonprofits engage online. Here are three social media tips and details on upcoming events.
Engaging Volunteers

Apple's Ping Social Network Officially Closes - Mac Rumors
By Arnold Kim
Apple has officially shut down its failed social network Ping. Reports in June signaled that Apple's social iTunes network would be removed from...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Social Media Valuable In Promoting Public Awareness Of Loan Scams
Active use of the Internet and participation in social media groups have been recognized as by the US Congress as powerful means of helping people to avoid being victimized by advance fee loan scams and other types of financial fraud.
RSS Feed - Top Digital Journal News

Facebook takes its talent search global
Washington Post (blog)
Zuckerberg has been on a world tour of programming contests, traveling from Buenos Aires to Jakarta to Bangalore — and everywhere in between — holding “hackathons” in which top developers build Facebook apps alongside Facebook engineers. His final ...

Facebook Will Help You Keep a Wary Eye on Facebook
Wired (blog)
Facebook is relaunching its “Help Center” this morning with a new design that suggests the social network has institutionalized a lesson its users learned the hard way: Facebook requires eternal vigilance. The new help system differs most prominently ...

Wired (blog)

Facebook's Sandberg details company's strategy
More: Twitter Redesign Gets Personal, 'Like' Facebook. Madison Avenue is skeptical about social ads, Sandberg said, attributing it to the fact that it's still such a new platform, which "takes a while to understand." And certainly General Motors ...

A sneak peek at the WonkFix Google Hangout
Washington Post
Join Ezra Klein, Chris Cillizza and Nia-Malika Henderson for a preview of the WonkFix GoogleHangout, happening at 2pm ET on Wednesday, October 3rd at before the first presidential debate. Natasha Rudnick/ The Washington Post ...

A&E's DUCK DYNASTY to Host First-Ever Google+ Hangout, 10/3
Broadway World
A&E's hit original series DUCK DYNASTY will host the network's first ever Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, October 3 at 8PM EST/7PM CST. In addition to the live fan chat with the entire “Duck Dynasty” cast, A&E is rolling out a robust social media ...

Malaysian PM reaches out to voters through Google Plus Hangout session
Channel News Asia
He has invited members of the public to join him on Wednesday in a Google Plus Hangout, where he will answer questions on the recently-tabled budget for 2013. Both Mr Najib's Barisan Nasional coalition and the opposition alliance, led by Anwar Ibrahim, ...

Google+ trends: Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, Halloween preparations
Yahoo! Philippines News
Google+ users are marking what would have been Mahatma Gandhi's 143rd birthday, a national holiday in India known as Gandhi Jayanti, by trending his name, sharing photos of celebrations in India and inspirational quotes from the great man. Also causing ...

Google+ gets a new TV commercial
Android Community
Today Google has released their newest commercial on the world. Only this time it isn't about Google Chrome or the Nexus 7, instead it's about their somewhat popular (ok not really) social network Google+ and the accompanying app. The new TV spot ...

Android Community

Bruno Mars Gets 'Sensual' On 'Locked Out Of Heaven'
The lengthy wait for new Bruno Mars music has been well worth the wait, as indicated by the brief tease we received from the crooner during his Google + Hangout on Monday (October 1). Mars debuted his new single, "Locked Out of Heaven," flanked by his ...

Google+ Interactive Ad Layer
Business Insider
Below is an example of Google Plus being integrated into an otherwise standard ad unit. Natural evolution and integration here – it sits atop the add and creates a social layer that: 1. The brands welcome. There is action and benefit beyond the click ...

Is face recognition firm Viewdle on Google's wishlist?
imaging resource
posted Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 10:48 AM EDT. Could improved facial recognition technology be on the way for Google products like Android, Google+ and Picasa? So suggests CNET news, reporting on a planned purchase of computer vision company ...
Google Hangout Conversation Between Neal Coolong and David ...
By Neal Coolong
Watch and listen to Neal Coolong and David Vaughn talk Steelers football on Google Hangout.
Behind the Steel Curtain - All Posts

New Google+ for Android Commercial Reminds You How Awesome ...
By Kellex
The Google+ team released a new commercial today, selling Android users on the features that make it one of the coolest social networks on the planet. Actually, it's more of a reminder to me that while Google+ is awesome, especially at how it ...
Droid Life

Khan Academy founder to host live Google Hangout ... - The Next Web
By Ken Yeung
For the past several weeks, Google has been actively leveraging its Google Hangout feature more and more to share insights of today's thought leaders with the world. Later this month, Google Play, in collaboration with Google in Education, ...
The Next Web

Google Shows Off Google+ In New Video – Your Friends and Family ...
By Chris Chavez
I've had this little talk with you guys in the past, but it seems that while we're all fans of Android, that doesn't mean we worship every service Google pushes out of their HQ as some sort of golden calf — and I think Google+ is one of them.
Android Phone Fans

The Guild Season 6 Premiere Hangout - YouTube
By tulio
Producers Felicia Day and Kim Evey and Director Christopher Preksta talk about The Guild Season 6 and much more. Special guest appearances by: Cubby, Sawyer ...

Finding the perfect movie for your next excursion to the… - Google+
Finding the perfect movie for your next excursion to the theater just got easier, thanks to an improvement that enables you to watch trailers directly…

Google+ for Android - YouTube
Bring your stream to life. Talk face-to-face-to-face from your phone. Share epic moments with ...

LeBron James vents about Tony Romo, Cowboys on Twitter
For LeBron James, not so much. LeBron is an unabashed Cowboys fan. So witnessing Romo's second-career five-INT game was killing James all night. You only had to check his Twitter account to know it. We were treated to these delightful tweets from the ...

Facebook Says Child Privacy Laws Should Not Apply to 'Like' Buttons
New York Times (blog)
The social networking giant Facebook has told the Obama administration that child privacy laws should not apply to a Web site's ability to incorporate a “like” button, because that would inhibit free expression. The company sent a 20-page letter to the ...

New York Times (blog)

Hey, @SeattlePD: What's the Latest?
New York Times
The Seattle Police Department, which presides over one of the nation's more tech-savvy — if not saturated — cities, is diving in to find out, in a project that began last week with 51 hyper-local neighborhood Twitter accounts providing moment-to ...

New York Times

Facebook rolling out new Help Center; Will users be satisfied?
Los Angeles Times
They let Facebook, Google and Twitter mine their personal information to target mobile and online advertising. For the most part, people don't seem to mind, at least until their account gets hacked, and then the inability to connect live with a real ...

Live Twitter Feed Appears in Print Ad [VIDEO]
By Lauren Indvik
The ad is less about boosting the CW's Twitter following than about “solidifying CW as a leader in digital and social thinking and execution,” Haskins said. In other ... To leave a comment on this story, please log in with Facebook or Twitter ...

Connected To The Case to use Facebook for crowd-sourced crime ...
By Jamie Rigg
Beginning Oct. 1, law enforcement agencies will be able to pre-register for free access to Connected To The Case here: More information can be found at or on Twitter - @c2case.

Brittany Kerr Shuts Down Twitter Page -- - TMZ
By TMZ Staff
Former "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr has shut down her Twitter page ... after a gang of angry Jason Aldean fans BLASTED the singer online --… ... Share your experience on Facebookand many other networks. Sign up to the left ...

Expert: We Need A Facebook Law For Death - Business Insider
By Michael Kelley
Login with Twitter Login with Facebook Login with LinkedIn .... Facebook told us they have no comment on their future plans for deceased users' data or Mazzone's comments on the property rights of users in regards to uploaded content.
Business Insider

[VIDEO] Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg "Disappointed" By Stock
By DAVID LIEBERMAN, Executive Editor
"This is not how we planned it," Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg tells CNBC's Julia Boorstin about the 42% decline in the company's shares since its IPO in Ma.

Why I got Fired from Facebook - Noah Kagan's
Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson). Can I be real ... I wanted attention, I put myself before Facebook. ... (Follow me on Twitter for more) ...

Mark Zuckerberg in Moscow to boost Facebook's Russia presence ...
MOSCOW: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was Monday in Moscow on a ... publishing comments on Twitter, former president Medvedev likes to promote ...

LinkedIn Adds 'Follow' Feature In Bid To Get 'Influencers' Sharing More
“The goal is to get highly influential thought leaders to use LinkedIn to share big ideas and small ideas and tips,” say Daniel Roth, who as executive editor oversees the company's content strategy. “We're always trying to answer the question, how can ...

Five Things LinkedIn Has Forgotten About People
Huffington Post (blog)
I love LinkedIn as a tool, and I write incessantly about it. I get frustrated with people who expect LinkedIn on its own to find them new jobs or new clients. I get irritated at LinkedIn invitation-spam and message-spam, especially when it comes in ...

The Soapbox: Oh Please, Pinterest Isn't “Killing” Feminism
The Frisky
My name is Amelia. I am a feminist. I also have a Pinterest account. If a recent lengthy piece on Buzzfeed (wait, Buzzfeed does “lengthy”?) is to be believed, these two things are antithetical. According to Amy Odell, the editor over at Buzzfeed's ...

The Frisky

LinkedIn unlocks doors of first Middle East office
Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have the most LinkedIn users in the region, according to the company. The biggest industries by member numbers are oil and energy, construction and IT. LinkedIn has appointed a new head of hiring ...

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries: The Most Pinned Recipe On Pinterest
Huffington Post
These cheesecake stuffed strawberries are one of the most pinned recipes on Pinterest, taking in more than 700,000 pins. That's a whole lot of people who dig these strawberries. We know it's not one of the most groundbreaking recipes we've seen -- like ...

A behind-the-scenes look at LinkedIn's mobile engineering
Ars Technica
LinkedIn is the career-oriented social network that prides itself on professional excellence. But the company's original mobile offering was anything but—it left much to be desired. There was an iPhone application, but no support for Android or tablets.

Ars Technica

LinkedIn Aims To Squeeze More Value From Redesigned Pages With ...
LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) has been making efforts to improve its services and introduce additional features to sustain its position as the leading network for professionals, and an effective recruiting platform. The market has been a lot more supportive of ...

Ubokia Brings eCommerce to Pinterest, More Power To Consumers spoke with Matt Pine, vice president of marketing for Ubokia, to discuss his company's new Pinterest integration, why the eCommerce industry needs to evolve, and how Ubokia sets itself apart from an industry inundated with online ...

What's Cooking on Pinterest? Golden Grahams S'More Bars
Houston Press (blog)
I remember eating Golden Grahams cereal bars all the time as a kid. I loved the sticky marshmallow-coated Golden Grahams with chocolate chips and even more marshmallows; sugar, sugar and more sugar ... what more could a kid ask for? So, when I found ...

Houston Press (blog)

Pinterest Squares Off Against Well-Known Cyber-Squatter
American University Intellectual Property Brief
Pinterest also alleges that the defendant has a well-known history of this type of behavior, as he is a “serial cyber-squatter who has registered and owns hundreds of infringing domain names.” Examples of these include domains that appear to infringe ...

American University Intellectual Property Brief

Follow Me On LinkedIn? Taking Cue From Twitter, LinkedIn Adds ...
By Reuters
The new feature, which LinkedIn announced on Tuesday, takes a page from other popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook Inc, where users can check for updates from leaders, celebrities and others with large numbers of ...
Latest News

LinkedIn Introduces Follow Feature for Influencers
By Todd Wasserman
LinkedIn hopes to jazz up its news feed with the addition of 150 super influencers on the network who fans can follow, a la Twitter. The elite circ.

Pinterest Accounts Still Being Hacked, Spammed
By Emil Protalinski
Last month, Pinterest users started to complain on Facebook and Twitter about their accounts getting hacked and pushing spam onto the social networks. The company never got back to The Next Web when we requested for comment on the ...
The Next Web

LinkedIn Today Original Content - Business Insider
By Steve Kovach
Including two guys named Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
Business Insider

LinkedIn Now Lets You Follow Top “Influencers” | WebProNews
By Josh Wolford
LinkedIn has allowed users to follow companies and groups for some time, making it easier to access the top news of the day. In an effort to expand the type of updates users receive and to provide them more interesting content, the company ...
Top News - WebProNews

LinkedIn Blog » 5 Steps for Older Workers to Succeed in the Job Hunt
He used his LinkedIn account to run a search and see if he knew anyone at the firm. Bingo. He did. He sent a quick email to his connection asking for help.

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