Coke's Facebook expert on how to build a "social" brand

Coke's Facebook expert on how to build a "social" brand
Fortune (blog)
In a market that is now completely socially connected, we increasingly are thinking about our audience in two ways: our Initial Audience--those we can reach directly (52 MM Facebook fans, 600k Twitter followers, 18MM My Coke rewards members, etc)--and ...

Fortune (blog)

Facebook Promoted Posts expanding across europe
A couple of weeks ago, Facebook began testing Promoted Posts for regular users, not just businesses and brands. This would ... The roll-out of Promoted Posts to Europe could mean that Facebook will be making this a permanent feature in the near future.


What's in a “Like”?: Social Media and the Election
The Seattle Times (blog)
Looking back at our last presidential election, one could be lead to believe that the candidate who harnesses social media the most effectively will win. In 2008, Barack Obama's campaign harnessed the reach of social media for the first time in a ...

Split Decision? Social media reaction to Obama-Romney debate varies
The Star-Ledger -
Since then, New Jersey's social-media scene has been blowing up with supporters of Obama and Romney tossing well-considered and/or baseless claims to claim victory for their favorite candidate. Here's a sample of what's being said: [View the story "Who...

The Star-Ledger -

Can social media propel 'rock star' politician Imran Khan to power in Pakistan? (blog)
Whether commanding a crowd of hundreds-of thousands in a Lahore park, a roundtable of experts in an Islamabad hotel or a garden of politicized housewives in a Karachi country club, Pakistan's legendary former cricket captain exudes charisma. Even his ... (blog)

Dark Social 2: How A Big Assumption of Social Media Is Just Plain Wrong
In the early days of social media we used to think of this as a scale problem – if marketing is about “conversations”, then how can a company with 30 million customers can be responsive on a one-to-one basis? The answer seemed to be this: If we can ...

HootSuite Enterprise Solution: Social Media Command Center
Search Engine Journal
HootSuite, the popular social media dashboard, announced it will be launching a new comprehensive social media solution for enterprise business. The HootSuite Command Center will provide measurement, monitoring, and engagement information in ...

Social media doesn't help us decipher the outside world we see
Deseret News
Because Facebook promises to keep us in touch with the people around us, and Twitter touts its ability to instantly share what's important, social media seemed like a quick fix. I started following the feeds of some trusted local reporters, television ...

Deseret News

Brand Caught Handling Social Media Issue Well!
Marketing Pilgrim
Someone was caught handling a potentially messy social media situation well and there is reason to recognize that compnay for being …. man, it's even harder to type this the second time ….. right. So who is this brand that dare make people like us ...

Marketing Pilgrim

During presidential debate on social media, we're loud-mouth, name-calling ...
San Jose Mercury News
Well, so much for that notion that all this social media jib-jab allows we, the people, to participate in this great democratic moment known as the presidential debate. Now that we are the media, now that we swing our own megaphone, just how do we just ...

10 Things You Need to Know About Google+ Local Reviews
Business 2 Community
Google+ now has 400 million users. With all those potential eyes, local business owners on the site need to put a stronger emphasis on their customer reviews. In fact, 67% of consumers online read reviews of businesses before making a purchasing ...

Facebook to use 'cold storage' to deal with vast amounts of data
To do that, Facebook plans to build a new data center with different types of storage, server hardware and network equipment that consumes less power and costs less than existing data centers -- all without changing servers response times, said Parikh ...

Facebook partners with Kaspersky Lab to beef up network security
Boston Herald
Woburn-based Kaspersky Lab, which develops security and threat management solutions, said it will partner with social media behemoth Facebook with the goal of enhancing the network's security online and offline. Kaspersky Lab said it is now supplying ...

Twitter lights up as presidential debate turns to China, immigration
Twitter has gained increasing importance in this 2012 presidential election season. Users tweeted their comments while watching the debates and different political camps tweeted about the debate as it went on. Politicians also have used Facebook, and ...

Facebook, Twitter put Mitt Romney in a 'bind'
Boston Herald
A Facebook group Binders Full of Women had 16,000 “likes” in just minutes, as the hashtag #binders fullofwomen trended on Twitter. Indeed, it wasn't the best night for Romney on the Twitterverse, with its newly launched political index showing that ...

Jack Dorsey: Leadership Secrets Of Twitter And Square
Twitter, the microblogging service he cofounded in 2006, has turned a reported 500 million people worldwide into broadcasters of messages capable of starting revolutions. This year it should pull in an estimated $290 million in ad revenue. And by ...


Restrictions on Twitter, playing computer games imposed on England players in ...
Washington Post
LONDON — England's players have been banned from tweeting about matches for 24 hours before the game. In a new disciplinary code, the FA also tells players messages on Twitter about “the opposition, management or individuals could all result in ...

Facebook opens engineering center in London, its first outside US
San Jose Mercury News
LONDON -- Facebook's first engineering center outside the United States opened in London on Tuesday, boosting the British government's ambition to make the digital economy a central plank of its growth strategy. The Menlo Park company's vice-president ...

Beyoncé announces via Twitter she will play Super Bowl Halftime in New Orleans
Beyoncé Knowles announced she will headline the NFL Super Bowl Halftime show on February 3, 2013 in the city of New Orleans. The former Destiny's Child member, who is now known for her stunning solo career, announced the news via Twitter.

Twitter Blog: NFL on Twitter: Week 6
By Twitter
Perhaps it's because they are America's team, or maybe it was due to their almost-heroic comeback, but the @dallascowboys v. @ravens game took the cake for the most buzzed-about game in Week 6. 1. @dallascowboys vs. @ravens ...
Twitter Blog

19% of New Facebook Fans Now Come From Mobile
By Todd Wasserman
Nearly one in five new Facebook fans are now coming from mobile, a new report finds. ... 0 Comments. To leave a comment on this story, please log in with Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe To Mashable. Recommend on Google. Follow @ ...
Mashable » Social Media

Facebook Passes Apple, Google as World's Most Valuable Brand
By Emil Protalinski
Emil is a technology journalist writing for The Next Web. Over the years, he has covered the tech industry for multiple publications, including Ars Technica, Neowin, TechSpot, ZDNet, and CNET. Stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ ...
The Next Web

Facebook Offers Are A Viral Hit: Friend-To-Friend Sharing Drives 3 ...
By Anthony Ha
It helps Facebook argue that Offers ad campaigns will get free viral exposure to a much broader audience than the initial target they paid for because they'll spread by word-of-mouth. ... View Staff Page Follow me on twitter. Anthony Ha is a ...

LinkedIn revamps Profile, seeks higher engagement
PCWorld (blog)
LinkedIn has redesigned the Profile page of its members' accounts, tweaking the layout and adding features in order to simplify viewing and editing as well as increase engagement among users.LinkedIn, whose site is used by about 175 million members ...

LinkedIn M&A chief Sara Clemens on strategy
The Deal Pipeline
The question many observers are asking now is whether LinkedIn's runaway success can last and what it will take to keep the crowds clapping. The company's customer base continues to grow at an impressive rate, with 175 million professional users now...

The Deal Pipeline

Buzz Stocks: IBM, Target, Apple, and LinkedIn
Schaeffers Research (blog)
LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE:LNKD) is rolling out a significant update to its bread-and-butter -- the profile section. The business-focused social networking site has now made it simpler for its 175 million members to amplify and update their online ...

LinkedIn revamp gives users more control
San Francisco Chronicle
LinkedIn introduced an overhaul Tuesday of its member profile pages, the latest in a series of changes the company hopes will generate more user activity on the professional social network. To average users, the changes may amount to a few relatively ...

San Francisco Chronicle

LinkedIn Rolls Out Redesigned Profiles, 'Thought Leader' Feature
PC Magazine
The updated LinkedIn user profile is being ramped immediately for English-language users of the site and will be rolled out for all users over the next few months, the company said. There will not be an option for users to revert to the older LinkedIn ...

Pinterest Edges Out Facebook for Winning New Customers
Retailers may have more success finding new customers on Pinterest than on Facebook, new research shows. A study from Bizrate Insights revealed that while both Pinterest and Facebook are sites online consumers visit to connect with people who have ...

Pinterest: Tap Shared Interests for Ecommerce Sales
Practical Ecommerce
One of the secrets to successful social commerce sales is to utilize social technologies and platforms in ways that tie into people's interests and passions. A good example of this is Pinterest. Although the site could be considered a social network ...

LinkedIn Launches Revamped Profile Pages
Wired (blog)
LinkedIn has released one of its biggest product face lifts to date. The company announced a redesigned profile page, giving its users a more customizable way to show their professional identity. Announced at a Tuesday event, the profile page now ...

Wired (blog)

Did You Hear The One About The Marketer Who Didn't Use Pinterest?
Alright I admit, I have seen too many after school specials and Lifetime movies (hey, Tori Spelling is one underrated actress) so perhaps I was a tad melodramatic in implying or flat out stating that any marketer who doesn't use Pinterest may soon find ...

LinkedIn Redesigns Site to Boost Interaction, Advertising
The first among social-media companies to hold initial share sales since early 2011, LinkedIn has done a better job than consumer-focused peers Facebook Inc. (FB) and Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) at wringing sales from a growing user base. More activity means ...

LinkedIn Updates its Look, Adds New Features
By Emily Price
LinkedIn's update included a new look to profile pages, new features and updated versions of the theLinkedIn apps.
Mashable » Tech

LinkedIn's Profile Refresh Is All About The Visuals - Mike Isaac ...
By Mike Isaac
A visual touch-up for the professional network, just like every other social network.

Here's LinkedIn's All-New Profile Page - Business Insider
By Owen Thomas
At a press event at LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., CEO Jeff Weiner and product chief Deep Nishar unveiled a major update to the professional network's profile page. The emphasis is on speed and ease of updating, with the ...
Business Insider

Shopping Engagement: Facebook Has the Reach but Pinterest Has ...
By Cynthia Boris
When it comes to online shopping neither Facebook nor Pinterest has had much success with conversions, but that doesn't mean ...
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet...

LinkedIn delivers new profile page
By Mihaita Bamburic
Changing a successful recipe is often met with skepticism, and judging by the introduction of Timeline in Facebook profiles that holds true as well for social netwoks. The business-orientedLinkedIn decided to launch a revamped Profile page, ...

LinkedIn Blog » Meet the New LinkedIn Profile: A Better Way to ...
We're excited to share that we've just launched the next generation LinkedIn Profile, making it easier for our 175 million members to tell their professional stories ...

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