24-mile skydive a boon for YouTube, social media

24-mile skydive a boon for YouTube, social media
Felix Baumgartner's 24-mile skydive from the stratosphere on Sunday was a boon for socialnetworks as millions of users shared in the wonder of the moment from their computers, tablets and phones. Here's a look at how the world, through the Internet, ...

Ford Social Media Chief Scott Monty Tells Us Whether Advertising On Facebook ...
Business Insider
SM: We kind of take it from what we call the "Woody Allen Theory of Social Media," which is 90 percent of social media is just showing up. You need to be where people expect you to be. And a while back we would see people tagging us with that ...

Business Insider

Social Media's Impact on 2012 Presidential Election : 'This Week' Panel Discussion
ABC News
Social Media's Impact on 2012 Presidential Election : 'This Week' Panel Discussion. ABCNews. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Loading... 11,509 videos. Loading... Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe.

Chinese social-media firm YY unveils IPO plans
China-based social-media platform YY Inc. and some selling shareholders plan to offer up to $100 million American depositary shares in an initial public offering to raise funds for purposes such as purchasing servers and leasing more bandwidth to ...

Can social media drive real sustainable change?
The Guardian (blog)
But perhaps the most notable part of all these discussions was the common thread that linked them - namely the understanding that social media and social technologies provide the key to making these ideas a reality. Take oPower's connected consumer ...

The Guardian (blog)

In social media, bizarre seems OK
Some comedian — whose name I can't remember — was exchanging clever quips with the host about the popularity and proliferation of social media, particularly “tweeting” on Twitter. “What concerns me,” the guest said, “is that we can no longer separate ...

3 Social Media Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Rookie | Social ...
By FixCourse
Poker is a game of skill, chance, and luck.The key element that sets it apart is the ability to bluff your opponents, regardless of the cards you're dealt.So you're not always playing the cards in your hand. You're playing your opponents.Anytime ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Google And LG Workers Upload Photos To Google+ Using The 'Nexus 4', All But ...
Android Police
Employees from LG and Google have both uploaded photos to Google+ using the unreleased device, and the EXIF information for the shots both call the camera that has been used 'Nexus 4'. Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 10.15.02 · jason. Both of the photos ...

Final NIE Cruise-In of the year pays tribute to popular hangout
Martinsburg Journal
The final NIE car show of the 2012 season at the Martinsburg K-Mart paid special tribute to old Hag-Mart, a popular hangout for car lovers in the area. "We are going down memory lane for today for all the people who used to go to the Hag-Mart in ...

Martinsburg Journal

Review Your Favorites on Google+ Local!
Zagat (blog)
We've been releasing 2013 survey results at a rapid clip - there are brand new reviews and ratings in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Whether you think the ratings are spot on or you feel that your favorite place was ...

Zagat (blog)

Linux Foundation Steps Into Windows 8 Secure Boot Flap
TechNewsWorld (blog)
"Large companies like Red Hat and Canonical can work out their own answers without too much trouble, but the smaller distros, many of which are one-person operations, would have trouble,"Google+ blogger Kevin O'Brien pointed out. "The bigger issue ...

Google+ Page Administration (Awkwardly) Makes Its Way To Mobile Devices
Marketing Land
In order to access the Google+ app as a page, users need to sign-out of the application, then sign back in. Upon logging in again, users can choose which pages they'd like to administer. Once selected, all posts & comments will appear as the page...

Marketing Land

Google Authorship Program – Benefits For Content Creators
Business 2 Community (blog)
Google Authorship Program Welcome Email. The Google Authorship program is part of their plan to connect a piece of content with the Google+ profile of its author in order to identify quality content creators and eliminate low quality sites from its ...

Domino's Pizza Box Has Social Buttons
Search Engine Roundtable
Googler Zach Alcorn posted a picture of a Domino's Pizza box where it says Friend Us On Facebook, Follow Us On Twitter and even Add Us On Google+. You rarely see add on us Google+ on any printed non-Google material, so this Googler was happy to ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Google Actually Considered Sending Felix Baumgartner To Space With Google ...
And then, you know…answering questions on Google+ Hangouts and checking your tweets by winking your eye or something. Maybe next time, Red Bull? There will be a next time, right? @dannysullivan @RedBullStratos we discussed it but other factors ...


LA Survey: Funniest Outtakes
Zagat (blog)
... funny not to get a special shout-out. Check out these gems from our just-released LA Restaurants survey, pick up a copy of the book here and be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comments or on Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag #ZagatLA2013.

Zagat (blog)

Google faces forced privacy backtrack after Euro scolding
Google faces the challenge of dismantling its unified user accounts, which among other things helps bake its Google+ social network into most aspects of search, under pressure from French regulators. The huge endeavor, backtracking on its integrated ...


Teams from Taiwan, Argentina, Russia win Facebook global hackathon
Facebook developers from Taipei, Buenos Aires, and Moscow have won Facebook's worldwide hackathon, with apps that let users bookmark "Likes," tell stories and analyze connections. The social network announced its winners today after holding the ...

Hicks: Kristen Stewart afraid of being killed by Facebook
San Jose Mercury News
Kristen Stewart is afraid someone is going to kill her because of Twitter and Facebook. No, I don't know if she has caught the crazy from Amanda Bynes. The 22-year-old "Twilight" actress is convinced that thanks to social media sites, others have the ...

Facebook Is Testing A Product That Will Revolutionize Mobile For Users And ...
San Francisco Chronicle
App developers, who will be able to monetize through targeted advertising. Users, who will have more and better apps to use because there will be a better financial for developers to make them. Please follow Business Insider on Twitter and Facebook.

Is Facebook Creating a False Self in Your Children?
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
For example, one study found that Facebook users who had low self-esteem posted more “self-promotional” materials on their pages than those with high self-esteem. Another study reported that those who were more dependent on outside influences for their ...

Facebook sees contenders in Pheed, CyPop, Myspace
Three more contenders surfaced last week in attempts to take a nibble out of Facebook, whose broad audience and services may not appeal to consumers interested in specialized content. Pheed and CyPop launched, and Myspace made its comeback.

Richard Sherman Mocks Tom Brady On Twitter After Seahawks Defeat Patriots ...
Huffington Post
After the game, Sherman couldn't resist taking a few more shots at Brady on Twitter. He told me and earl ... Not surprisingly, Patriots fans on Twitter were not too pleased with the result of the game or the tweets coming from Sherman's account. The 24 ...

your 140 character stories
The Guardian (blog)
Last Saturday, Weekend magazine invited 21 authors to try their hand at writingTwitter fiction. As many of our book site regulars will remember, we've experimented with Flash Fiction fiction in the past and discovered that writing a complete story in ...

The Guardian (blog)

Facebook reflects swings in presidential campaigns
Facebook has its pulse on the election more than other social networks, such as Google+ andTwitter, because of its huge user base. The company has more than 1 billion active monthly users around the world. There are 168 million Facebook users in the ...

Questioningly Winner: Defining Twitter in a Tweet
New Yorker (blog)
Tweet. questioningly.jpg. In last week's Questioningly, we highlighted David Foster Wallace's remark that the Internet was “the bathroom wall of the American psyche,” and asked readers to define Twitter in a single tweet. Some found the question “too meta.

New Yorker (blog)

Twitter Seeks to Add a Woman to Its Board of Directors - Mike Isaac ...
By Mike Isaac
But Twitter does not. It has not been alone. Facebook added its first female director only recently, with COO Sheryl Sandberg being appointed to the board over the summer. That was soon followed by Zynga, which named longtime digital exec ...

You Can Now Use Facebook Emoticons In News Feed Comments
By Matt Brian
In a silent update at the end of last week, Facebook began allowing users to use emoticons in comments. ... You can follow him on Twitter, subscribe to his updates on Facebook and catch up with him on Google+. You can reach Matt via email ...
The Next Web

Facebook Announces Three Grand Prize Winners From World ...
By Sarah Perez
Facebook today announced the winners from its Facebook Developer World HACK competition, a series of events the company hosted during the months of August through September 2012. ...Comments. View Staff Page Follow me on Twitter ...

Police: Woman Arrested For Spreading Facebook Photos Of ...
By bfearnowcbs
A North Texas woman has been arrested for posting Facebook photos of an undercover policeman who testified against her friend in court. ... Her Facebook post identified the person as an undercover officer, according to a federal affidavit.
CBS Houston

Pinterest PR Tips: Adding Pinterest To Your Digital PR Toolkit
Business 2 Community
Pinterest burst onto the social media scene and has managed to steal the limelight in this ever growing genre of websites. In just two years they've grown so fast that they now rank as the number 3 social network. From May to June Pinterest's referral ...

5 Pinterest Knockoffs To Keep Your Eye On
Business 2 Community
Currently the third most popular social network behind Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has taken the world by storm. With a simple “virtual” pinboard concept, Pinterest is easy to use, and as you will see, easy to imitate. They say imitation is the ...

Looks like Pinterest, feels like Pinterest, but it's really just another porn site
Can't Pinterest, which is now the third most popular social network behind Facebook and Twitter, do anything about this blatant cloning? I asked Bennet Kelley, who runs the Internet Law Center in Los Angeles. He connected me with Joel Voelzke, ...

7 Tips For Building a 'Power Network' on LinkedIn
Entrepreneur (blog)
Among the social networks, LinkedIn can be one of the most useful when it comes to cultivating critical, lucrative business opportunities, since it has a high concentration of business decision makers. The trick is going beyond connecting with cousins ...

Entrepreneur (blog)

Recent LinkedIn Changes – Follow Facebook
Business 2 Community
As I'm sure we all noticed, well maybe not, in early July LinkedIn launched a new home page design with a simpler and easier to navigate home page including an easier way to find their ads section.LinkedIn's goal was to allow users to easily scan and ...

Social Media Increasingly Important on Both Sides of Job Hunt
The job site's 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey showed more job seekers -- both the unemployed and the employed-but-looking -- are using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help find work. Job seekers are opening multiple social networking profiles and ...


Pinalytics: Yup, Analytics for Pinterest
The Next Web
It seems to have happened overnight some time in the past year, but Pinterest is now something of a phenomenon, and not everyone can quite understand why. Does it really have more visitors than Tumblr? And did eBay purposefully pilfer its layout for ...

The Next Web

Are social media users looking for alternatives to Facebook?
The Daily Campus
Pinterest is just one of the many alternative venues to Facebook. Social media users are now flocking to other sites such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest to communicate and share. What do all of these have in common? They are focused on pictures.

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