Facebook Graph Search mining your "stinking data" is creepy

Facebook Graph Search Is Humorless, Creepy And Doomed To Disappoint | TechCrunch: "Facebook’s newest feature Graph Search (so new it’s still in beta) can apparently tell you lots of stuff. Which of your friends are into surfing, hiking or drinking cups of tea. Or, delving into darker territory, which of your friends are sexist or racist — as this Gizmodo article points out. (Ewww.) But Graph Search also shines a massive illuminating spotlight on something else: why Snapchat has captured people’s imagination. And the answer is simple: because it does something Facebook does not. It lets data disappear, rather than stockpiling it until it starts to stink."

ReadWrite – Facebook Graph Search: Noisier And Nosier Than Ever: "I must be slow, as I don't even want to interact with those 150 friends when it comes to choosing a restaurant or a movie. There are few individuals that I trust on such matters: I either want an expert (Zagat) or the foolishness of crowds (Yelp). I don't want my brother, who might hype me on the new dish at Olive Garden. (A fate worse than death!)
In sum, I'm enjoying my life sans Facebook, and I imagine I'll enjoy it even more now that Facebook wants to make it even easier to invade my personal space without real value in return. Maybe it will be useful for dating, but I have zero interest in this."

The Secret to Facebook Happiness Is Killing Friendships: "You might have heard of Dunbar's Number, a psychological "law" that human beings can't maintain meaningful relationships with between 100 to 230 other people. Hahaha. Plenty of us have several hundreds, if not thousands of Facebook friends. The transformation of Facebook "friendship" into something abstract and laughable is well-trodden by now, and we've sort of started to just take it as a modern shrug. That's just the way things are now—the joy of rediscovering people from high school has been replaced with the endless chore of clicking to hide all those assholes from high school you don't want to read updates on anymore."

Hacking the Hyperlinked Heart - WSJ.com: ". . . At the end of my analysis, I'd compiled enough information to create a super profile—a sort of amalgam of what I saw the popular women doing, along with my own personal details. Instead of bullet points and résumé speak, I wrote that "my friends would describe me as an outgoing and social world traveler, who's equally comfortable in blue jeans and little black dresses." Soon after it went live, my super profile attracted more than 60 responses, many of them notably different from the ones I'd attracted before. . . ."

Are you fed up with Facebook? | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk: "Facebook saw its UK user base drop by 1.86% in December, and while it still has over 31 million monthly active British users (around half of our 61.8m population), some have speculated that Facebook has reached its saturation point and will now experience a decline."

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Google+ iPhone and iPad apps are now available in 48 countries

'Search, Plus Your World' Just Got Bigger As Google+ iOS Apps Launch In 48 ...
Comments. googleplus-200-red. The Google+ iPhone and iPad apps are now available in 48 countries and territories, announced Google engineer Frank Petterson via his ownGoogle+ profile (h/t TNW). Users with iOS devices can now download Google+ in: ...


Google+ debuts in 48 new countries and territories
A few days after Facebook debuted its own search engine, one that could potentially rival Google at some point down the road, Google+, the company's rival social network, is getting a major expansion, Google engineer Frank Petterson announced on his ...

How to Add Google Plus Authorship to Your Blog Posts
Business 2 Community
Have you searched Google recently and noticed a photo next to a news or a search result? This is called authorship information and Google displays it if you have verified your Google Plus profile as a contributor to the website housing the content that ...

Business 2 Communit

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Poke’s decline shows Facebook’s inability to invent

Snapchat rises: Why Poke’s decline shows Facebook’s inability to invent — Tech News and Analysis: " . . . Facebook indulged in yet another act of wanton xeroxing and released Poke to compete with the red-hot insta-communication app, Snapchat. Well, a week later, the world has returned to normal. Snapchat, the insta-sharing app is once again among the most popular apps — at third place. And Poke… Well, it is languishing at the 34th spot on the top free apps list, way behind Instagram, Messenger and the official Facebook apps. It is yet another example of why just because you can copy something it doesn’t mean it will become successful, even if you are Facebook who is doing the copying. It is not clear what kind of usage the app is getting, but I am pretty sure Facebook will announce any day some metrics that don’t quite measure anything. This quick decline in downloads raises some questions about Facebook’s ability to be kingmaker. It may have helped Zynga when social games and Facebook’s platform were brand new phenomena. Remember how their frictionless sharing was going to change everything, especially for media companies? Well, it didn’t change a lick. Washington Post’s Facebook socialreader is now on the open web. Guardian is no longer interested in wasting its resources on the Facebook reader. . . ."

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3 Reasons You Should Quit Social Media In 2013

3 Reasons You Should Quit Social Media In 2013 - Forbes: " . . . Social media a hotbed of bad behavior – flame wars, bragging, bashing and crimes against grammar, among other misdeeds. If you find yourself getting unduly irritated by, say, entitled Millennials tweeting their displeasure at being denied iPhones by Santa, or falling victim to Godwin’s Law while arguing with cyber strangers, it might be time to take a timeout. And make sure that break is a legitimate one – none of this downloading an app to manage your social media obligations for you. Online is no substitute for offline . . . "A full 70 – 80% of job vacancies are never posted, so all that job board scouring is likely for naught. If the only benefit you’ve derived from flexing your social media muscle was free anti-antiperspirant samples from the folks at Klout, it might be time to direct your energy elsewhere."

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Best Employer Practices for Social Media

5 Best Practices for Employers Addressing Social Media Use in the Workplace | Proskauer - Privacy & Data Security - JDSupra: "Best Practice 5: Protect your company’s confidential information. The misuse of confidential information by employees via social media is emerging as a major issue. Employers should not only address this concern through social media policies, but should also amend provisions dealing with misuse of confidential information to explicitly cover social media. This is particularly important for companies subject to specific regulations and professional confidentiality obligations like the banking and medical sectors. As social media becomes more prevalent in the workplace, it is increasingly important to consider its global implications, especially for multinational companies. . . . "

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Facebook testing $100 charge to send "spam"

Facebook testing $100 charge to message strangers - SlashGear:  "Some Facebook users have been reporting an interesting popup when they attempt to send messages to people outside of their friend network. The popup notes that the message will be filtered to the “Other” inbox of the recipient, but offers to deliver it to the top of the recipient’s inbox for a staggering $100. Facebook first began experimenting with this kind of option last month when it first introduced filters, including the “Other” folder. In initial tests, the fee was just $1. However, according to Mashable, Facebook confirms the $100 option is part of that test, and they say they’re testing “some extreme price points to see what works to filter spam.”"

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Google Plus Will Prevail

Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail | Fast Company: " . . . Google Plus’s brilliant method of gaining new users is playing out right in front of our eyes, but no one recognizes it. When talking to smart people (some of them technology-based venture capitalists) about Google’s method of getting new users, the same thing happens every time: First they chortle. Then, after delivering a two-minute explanation, they hem and haw for a bit… and for a fleeting moment you can feel the struggle of trying to reconcile some rock-solid logic coming from an entrepreneur whom they know is not an idiot, and their own very concrete impression of Google Plus as a widely known failure. It’s like an immovable force is meeting an unstoppable object inside the brain. The easier answer and the incumbent usually wins in this situation. Here’s that two-minute explanation for the rest of you: Google Plus’s user acquisition strategy is to methodically absorb certain verticals using the carrot instead of the stick. . . . "

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Curating your Facebook life

Tips on curating your Facebook life: "But after eight years on the network, I rely on it for pictures and news of faraway friends and relatives. I can't quit. Like it or not, Facebook is an important part of my life. Facebook Inc. is in the midst of trying to make its privacy policies more intuitive for users. It has added a little padlock icon at the top right of the website. When you click on it, Facebook walks you through how to change who sees what you post, who can contact you and how to review what others are writing about you. But if you're trying to curate your Facebook life, there are more steps you need to take. Here are some tips for remaking the network so it's less a tabloid feed of unwanted updates and more a warmer, personal space that better reflects your real-life social circle."

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Reasons to Quit Ignoring Google+

5 Reasons to Quit Ignoring Google+ | Business 2 Community: " . . .
“Student” is the number one occupation of Google+ users, followed by software engineers and consultants
The Google +1 button is used more than five billion times per day. (!)
Google+ is adding 625,000 new users every day.
As of September, there were over 100 million active Google+ users and 400 million total users.
Websites using the +1 button generate 3.5x the Google+ visits than sites without the button.

Staggering stats aside, here are five more reasons I and other inbound marketers need to get active on Google+, as its potential for inbound marketing is growing all the time:
AuthorRank: If you or your company has a blog, your contributors need to have a Google+ profile. Upcoming changes to Google’s search algorithm will factor in AuthorRank – the popularity and legitimacy of the content posted by individual authors, identified by Google+ profiles. Dan wrote the first of a series of posts about AuthorRank a few weeks ago.
Communities: Similar to Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, Communities are a way for users to commune around a common interest. A brief look at the Communities homepage, and you’ll see everything from Nexus 7 Users to Real Estate to Cute Pictures of Cats. And just like on Facebook or LinkedIn, you should check these out to see if there’s a Community related to your brand, so you can listen to your audience or maybe even engage them in discussion. You can create a Community, too. Learn more from HubSpot’s Corey Eridon."

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/google-plus/5-reasons-to-quit-ignoring-google-0365636#SYPrIQJCx6YDtqSR.99

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Tumblr and David Karp

Tumblr: David Karp's $800 Million Art Project - Forbes: "Tumblr’s tens of millions of registered users create 120,000 new blogs every day, for a total of 86 million and counting, which drive some 18 billion page views per month. Its latest funding round, in September 2011, valued Tumblr at $800 million, making Karp’s 25%-plus stake worth more than $200 million. Then its traffic doubled."

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Social Media and the Arts

Pew Report: How internet and social media have transformed the arts | NJ.com: " . . . The internet and social media have dramatically changed the way arts organizations promote their work, sell their tickets, raise money and engage new audiences, according to Pew. Arts organizations, including theaters, museums, performing arts centers, media outlets and service organizations, say digital technologies have made their audiences more diverse, their marketing more effective, their fundraising more robust and their operations more efficient. “It’s a tremendous boon to arts organizations,” Mark Jones, president and CEO of the State Theatre in New Brunswick said. “It’s a wonderful way to promote and market our performances, and I think it’s at a cost savings.” The biggest gains are in audience engagement. Ninety percent of arts groups use digital technologies to allow patrons to share their content, and 82 percent say social media sites let groups engage with their patrons before, during and after events. The rise of digital technologies has prompted changes to Montclair's policies, Gillespie said. As recently as three years ago, no photography was allowed in the museum’s galleries. That outright ban has been lifted, in part because of social media, Gillespie said. . . "

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Google+ is fastest-growing social network ever

Google exec: Google+ is fastest-growing 'network thingy' ever - Technology on NBCNews.com: "While announcing the addition of Communities — a feature vaguely similar to Facebook's Groups — to Google+, Google senior vice president Vic Gundotra also revealed the latest statistics for the Internet giant's ... "network thingy." "Today Google+ is the fastest-growing network thingy ever," Gundotra writes in a post on the official Google Blog. "More than 500 million people have upgraded, 235 million are active across Google (+1'ing apps in Google Play, hanging out in Gmail, connecting with friends in Search...), and 135 million are active in just the stream.". . . "

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Puerto Rico’s Social Media Victory

Puerto Rico’s Social Media Scores an Important Victory | P365: ". . . While this is not the first time that the famed Puppeteer has engaged in homophobic or hateful comments, it may prove to be the one that hurts his bottom line the most. On Tuesday night, a Facebook group was formed called “Boicot La Comay” (Boycott “La Comay”). That night, numbers of followeres quickly reach 500 followers. By the next day, the number had reached over 30,000, with 40,000 by Thursday morning. Supporters petitioned for the companies that advertise on the show to pull their ads and support. During the course of Wednesday, company after company started announcing that they would pull other ads from the gossip show. Dish Network, Triple-S Insurance, Banco Popular ATH, Lanco Puerto Rico, Borden Dairy, Palo Viejo Rum and Claro all announced that they would pull their advertising and it would stand in solidarity with the victim, his family and supporters. On Thursday, supporters placed their aim on Walmart, who advertises on the show, to pull its ads. . . ."

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Social Media Is All About Branding Not Conversions

SMB Social Media Is All About Branding, Not Conversions | Street Fight: "And as IBM’s Black Friday 2012 report pointed out, hardly anyone purchased anything on Black Friday via a social media referral:
Shoppers referred from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube generated 0.34% of online sales on Black Friday, a decrease of more than 35% from 2011.
On Twitter, the transaction conversion rate was 0%. The result is perhaps surprising to some but makes sense when compared with the standard 0.2% clickthrough rates on banner ads, offering  little chance for conversion after the click. When consumers equate and relegate tweets and Facebook posts as proxies for banner ads, this reinforces the perception that social media won’t ever drive transactions.
The IBM report simply confirms the well-known fact that commercial intentions and sales pitches are frowned upon within social media spheres."

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