Social Media and the Arts

Pew Report: How internet and social media have transformed the arts | " . . . The internet and social media have dramatically changed the way arts organizations promote their work, sell their tickets, raise money and engage new audiences, according to Pew. Arts organizations, including theaters, museums, performing arts centers, media outlets and service organizations, say digital technologies have made their audiences more diverse, their marketing more effective, their fundraising more robust and their operations more efficient. “It’s a tremendous boon to arts organizations,” Mark Jones, president and CEO of the State Theatre in New Brunswick said. “It’s a wonderful way to promote and market our performances, and I think it’s at a cost savings.” The biggest gains are in audience engagement. Ninety percent of arts groups use digital technologies to allow patrons to share their content, and 82 percent say social media sites let groups engage with their patrons before, during and after events. The rise of digital technologies has prompted changes to Montclair's policies, Gillespie said. As recently as three years ago, no photography was allowed in the museum’s galleries. That outright ban has been lifted, in part because of social media, Gillespie said. . . "

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