Puerto Rico’s Social Media Victory

Puerto Rico’s Social Media Scores an Important Victory | P365: ". . . While this is not the first time that the famed Puppeteer has engaged in homophobic or hateful comments, it may prove to be the one that hurts his bottom line the most. On Tuesday night, a Facebook group was formed called “Boicot La Comay” (Boycott “La Comay”). That night, numbers of followeres quickly reach 500 followers. By the next day, the number had reached over 30,000, with 40,000 by Thursday morning. Supporters petitioned for the companies that advertise on the show to pull their ads and support. During the course of Wednesday, company after company started announcing that they would pull other ads from the gossip show. Dish Network, Triple-S Insurance, Banco Popular ATH, Lanco Puerto Rico, Borden Dairy, Palo Viejo Rum and Claro all announced that they would pull their advertising and it would stand in solidarity with the victim, his family and supporters. On Thursday, supporters placed their aim on Walmart, who advertises on the show, to pull its ads. . . ."

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