Microsoft Launches So.Cl Social Media Network

Microsoft Launches So.Cl Social Media Network | Bill Hartzer
By Bill Hartzer
If you are familiar with Pinterest, and Tumblr, then you know how much fun it can be to create a topical board filled with pictures, articles, and videos to.
Bill Hartzer

How to Simplify Your Social Media Content - Salesforce Marketing ...
By Zoe Geddes-Soltess
While Twitter requires that you keep your thoughts to 140 characters or less, the principle of “less is more” also applies to other social networks. We found that Facebook posts with 80 characters...
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How Do You Sell on Social Media? | Advertising Blender
By Kim Maxon
Now that we've discussed, and made plain, our view of selling on social media, we thought we'd take a look at social media marketing and how you should go about using it to sell your goods and services. See, even though we think you ...
Advertising Blender

Moving Beyond Social Media Tactics to Find Business Value ...
By Sheldon Levine
If you were to believe the recent blog headline “Social Media is a Waste of Time for B-to-B,” then your company may miss an a significant opportunity to create communication that leads to valuable business outcomes. Given the nascent nature ...
Sysomos Blog

Is Life Science Social Media Worth It Yet? Three Tenets Behind Its ...
By Mary Canady
Life science social media is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between favor and disfavor. Understand its relevance to your business to leverage it.
Comprendia » Blog

Social Media in The City: How sectors compare - Sociagility
By Tony Burgess-Webb
The Social Media in the City report we launched this week looks at the comparative social mediaperformance of the FTSE 100 companies. But we also looked at how FTSE 100 sectors with 3 or more companies perform: to see how average ...

4 Social Media tips to Maintain Online Reputation
By Dhwani Gandhi
In today's competitive business scenario every company needs to maintain a healthy online reputation. Use these SEO tips to help repair your online reputation effectively:
Social Samosa

Nielsen: Significant social media growth driven by mobile - - BizReport
Back in July, 2011, Americans spent around 88 billion minutes each month on social networks. That's nothing compared to how much time was spent on social networks a year on, as a recent report from Nielsen reveals.

news:rewired » Blog Archive » How news groups use social media ...
By Elena Cresci
In a social media-driven world, sources for breaking news can be anyone and can come from anywhere. To create accurate and engaging journalism while covering a quickly developing situation, such as Hurricane Sandy or the Aurora ...

Blab! Media | Blab's 2013 Social Media Resolutions
By admin
2012 has been a crazy year for social media! The London Olympics, war and conflict around the world, a record-breaking IPO, the introduction and growth of Pinterest, a presidential election and multiple natural disasters gave social media ...
Blab! Media

Social Media Marketing Conference 2012 - Las Vegas Day 1 ...
By Jackie Hole
Held in the Aria Resort & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas, the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference is a two day conference in the SMX Series.
State of Search

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Google Brings YouTube And Google+ Closer

Google Brings YouTube And Google+ Closer Together With YouTube Tab, Easier Sharing Of Uploaded Videos | TechCrunch: "Google continues to integrate its Google+ social network deeper into its wide range of other products. YouTube already has an extensive Google+ integration, but now the two services are getting even closer. Google just expanded the connection between the two by making it easier to share new public videos to Google+ after they are uploaded and by highlighting users’ public YouTube videos on their Google+ profiles. Google is also renaming the Google+ “Videos” tab to “YouTube.” Clicking on this tab in a user’s profile now sends users directly to their YouTube channel. This feature, says Google’s Dom Carr, is meant for “those of you who are aspiring musicians, pundits, comedians, or brands.” By giving users another avenue to their YouTube channels, Carr writes, these users will be able to “grow [their] audience even faster with Google+.”. . ."

one commenter to above article notes issues concerning identity/usability, particularly for business:
"Is there any indication when this feature will roll out to company pages? I'm getting more and more frustrated lately trying to keep clients' Google presence in order and the fact that we are essentially forced to make up fake people really complicates things when doing things like linking Google+ profiles to YouTube channels! It seems that no company has been able to consider the business user right from the start despite the fact that they court marketers like crazy when they launch new products."

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Dana White on the UFC's Social Media Strategy

Dana White Explains the UFC's Social Media Choke Hold: "Over the past several years, UFC President Dana White has transformed the Ultimate Fighting Championship from a violent sideshow into an accepted part of the American sporting mainstream. That image overhaul is thanks in no small part to social media, where the UFC is one of the most successful sports organizations around. White himself is a social powerhouse, too, with more than 2.3 million followers on Twitter. (NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, by comparison, has 345,000.) Well over 400 UFC fighters are active on Twitter, and for good reason -- in 2011, the league became the first to offer athletes bonuses for outstanding Twitter engagement and creativity. The UFC's most-followed fighter, Anderson Silva, now has 2.8 million followers. On Facebook, where it has nearly 1 million likes, the UFC became the first sports organization to stream a live event when it broadcast a series of preliminary bouts for UFC Fight Night 23 in January 2011. Its YouTube channel has more than 333 million total views and the company says its individual videos average more views than the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA combined. Pinterest and Spotify have become other areas of social emphasis more recently. . . . "

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How To Download All Your Tweets With The New Twitter Archive Service

Step-By-Step: How To Download All Your Tweets With The New Twitter Archive Service: "Gone will be the days of scrolling through pages and pages of your Tweets or Twitter’s clunky search to find something you once posted. Twitter is in the process of rolling out a “Download all your Tweets” feature, which has been formally announced today on the Twitter Blog. To get your archive, go to the Settings area and look for the new “Your Twitter archive” feature . . ."

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Instagram Leaves Twitter Party - Pinterest Shows Up

Instagram out -- Pinterest in?

Pinterest Shows Up to the Twitter Party Just as Instagram Leaves | Wired Business | "If you’re still downcast over the likelihood that your Instagram photos will (probably) never again show up on Twitter’s website or apps, you may get a lift from knowing that Pinterest just added support for Twitter cards (what amounts to a snapshot of the shared content). That’s right, from now on, you’ll be able to see shared pins on Twitter without going to or a Pinterest app. Social media manager and Pinterest power user Kelly Lieberman first noticed the changes. A spokesperson for Pinterest confirmed that the company began limited testing of Twitter cards early last week, before Instagram pulled support. My gut reaction to the news was “Who cares?,” as I’ve never seen someone share a pin on Twitter. Turns out I follow the wrong people, because there are plenty of links to pins on the micro-blogging site. Now Pinterest Twitter cards are popping up as well, where you can expand a tweet to see the pin, the name of the board, and the pin’s description. To see the pin, just click “view photo” on Twitter’s desktop site, or tap a tweet in the Twitter apps. . . ."

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5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013

Nothing stays the same -- looking ahead to 2013--

5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013 - Forbes: "In the nine short years since Mark Zuckerberg launched, social media has evolved from dorm room toy to boardroom tool. Last year, 73 percent of Fortune 500 companies were active on Twitter, while more than 80 percent of executives believed social media engagement led to increased sales. So what does 2013 hold for social media in the workplace? It looks like many of the big (and sometimes overhyped) promises that have surrounded social media – better insight into customer behavior, improved office productivity with internal networks and, of course, signficant, measurable ROI – will finally begin to bear fruit. Here’s a look at five ways social media will impact the way we work and the bottom line in 2013. . . . "read more here

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Create Pinterest Images that People Will Share

How to Create Pinterest Images that People Will Share | Business 2 Community: " . . . Posting a great image can increase traffic, get you more pins and repins, as well as improve your overall presence on the platform. Fortunately for all of us, we don’t have to spend our time experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. In a recent post off of Social Media Explorer author, Mitt Ray, outlines some excellent advice on creating Pinterest images that people will love to share.
1. Use Relevant Labels on Your Images - Great Pinterest marketing really beings with the images you publish on your blog or website. Ray recommends one of the first things that you need to do is to come up with relevant labels for the images that you publish. When someone pins an image from your website or blog post, a label is automatically generated in that image’s description. “When you give your image a good name, it’ll automatically have a good description when someone pins it,” says Ray. I realize that this may be time consuming, but Ray believes that this is the minimum you should do when posting images on your site.
2. Write a Test Message on top of Your Images . . . "

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Facebook privacy settings and Activity Log updates

Better check your Facebook privacy settings--

Facebook revamps privacy settings and Activity Log, now lets you untag photos en masse | The Verge: "Facebook today announced a revamp of its privacy settings page and Activity Log, which lets you view everything you've ever posted or been tagged in on the social network. Most noticeably, Facebook’s top toolbar now includes a padlock icon for quick access to privacy settings, displayed in FAQ format. The three most commonly asked privacy questions are listed first: "Who can see my stuff?"; "Who can contact me?"; and "How do I stop someone from bothering me?" Clicking any of these links pops you straight into the corresponding privacy settings, where each setting’s language has been made a lot more clear. . ."

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Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities definitely a "plus"--

Google+ Communities for Merchants - 'Net Features - Website Magazine: "Merchants tend to put the majority of their social resources into sites like Facebook or Twitter, but it might be time to shift some of that social focus to Google+. This is because having a profile on Google’s emerging social network makes a brand more visible in the search results. In fact, a study from digital marketing and analytics provider Fathom reveals that only 24 percent of the brands on Millward Brown's 2012 BrandZ list actually triggered a Knowledge Graph entry when searched for on Google, and the information for 92 percent of those entries came directly from Google+." . . .Who should leverage Communities? While any type of Web worker can create a Community, merchants might be the biggest beneficiaries of this new feature. . . .Google+ already has a big impact on the SERPs. Additionally, fostering a community around a brand can help merchants establish authority in their niche, build better relationships with customers and acquire more brand advocates. For example, a pet store retailer can create a Community for local pet owners. Within this Community, members will be able to upload images of their kittens, schedule puppy play dates or participate in a Hangout video-chat for puppy training tips. . . . 

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Google's Lost Social Network?

Google Reader as Google's lost social network--article excerpt below:

Google's Lost Social Network: "One embittered user suggested that Steve Jobs was to blame. In a 60 Minutes interview, Walter Isaacson, Jobs’ biographer, recounted a meeting between Jobs and Larry Page. The Apple founder told the Google founder: “Focus. Don’t be like Microsoft doing products all over the map. Figure out what you do best, and keep it focused.” Whether Jobs intended it that way — or if they took his advice at all — the Google founders decided that fewer products meant better products. Madrigal, the Atlantic writer, thinks that’s misguided, and that Google should foster “the nascent but largely invisible communities it already has.” The sharebros might agree, but even Reader’s disaffected engineers acknowledge the importance of unification. “Google has clearly made its bets with G+, and Reader should be part of those plans,” Shih conceded."

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The 10 worst Facebook mistakes

Great article (excerpt below)--a "must read" for Facebook users--

How to avoid making one of the 10 worst Facebook mistakes | How To - CNET: ". . . #10) Don't let Facebook track you - When it was revealed last year that Facebook was tracking users even after they sign out of their account, the company's response was "trust us," as CNET's Chris Matyszczyk reported in the Technically Incorrect blog. Facebook reportedly altered its tracking cookies subsequently to prevent such snooping, but the Facebook cookies still retain some non-personal information, as researcher Nic Cubrilovic explains on his New Web Order blog. In a post from August 2011 titled "Five ways to avoid being tracked on the Web," I described several browser add-ons that let you allow or delete ads and tracking cookies on a site-by-site basis. The post also explained how to set Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome to delete cookies and other trackable information automatically when you close the programs. A post I wrote in June 2011 gives step-by-step instructions for disabling third-party cookies in IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Cookie management becomes even more important as Facebook prepares its View Tags tracking program for advertisers, as Josh Constine explains on TechCrunch. . . . "

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Social media impact on retailers' sales uncertain

Social media impact on retailers' sales uncertain
2012 - Retailers may have hit record sales over the shopping weekend from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, but the impact of social media campaigns many of them invested in is less certain. Offerpop, which helps retailers including Amazon, Sears and ...

In DC, Social-Media Surveillance Pays Off
Wall Street Journal
These social-media analytics services are already common for businesses such as restaurants and hotel chains that want to go beyond the comment cards most customers ignore. The D.C. experiment suggests governments are beginning to mirror the private ...

Social Media Will Lose Out One Way or the Other
A woman views the Chinese social media website Weibo at a cafe in Beijing on April 2, 2012. China's move to shut down websites and curb rumours of a political coup reveal growing nervousness ahead of the nation's first leadership transition in the ...

Barack Obama takes 'fiscal cliff' battle to Twitter
Times of India
The web-savvy Obama administration launched a social media campaign that asks Twitter users to add the "#my2k" hashtag to messages with examples of what $2,000 means to them. The amount is roughly what a middle-class family of four would have to ...

IDF Social Media Genius Is Also Social Media Idiot
MediaPost Communications
Dratwa, who led the Israeli PR push across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, was recently profiled by Gawker, among other media sites, which probably explains what happens next. Having rocketed (um ...

How Social Media can Foster Brand Loyalty
Business 2 Community
OK so we can all agree to some extent that “yes, social media is a great way to foster brand loyalty.” I'm not going to pretend that this is anything new. There are tons of articles that have been published on the power of social media and how it can ...

Study claims Facebook is full of anxiety, friends increase stress (Video)
According to a report released on Monday by the University of Edinburgh Business School the more social circles a person is linked to online the more likely social media will be a source of stress. Ben Marder, author of the report states: “Facebook ...

5 Lessons Girl Scouts Can Teach Women Entrepreneurs About Social Media
Facebook is great place to engage and interact; Twitter to broadcast and spread your message; YouTube to demonstrate your message and tug at heartstrings; blogging to provide content for other social media to use and search engines to home in on; and...


A Night Life Veteran Bets on Social Media
New York Times
IT was 10:30 p.m. on a recent Saturday, and the Westway, on Clarkson Street in Manhattan's West Village, was practically throbbing. The club would not be open to the public until midnight, but for an hour and a half a private masquerade birthday ball ...

New York Times

Commons committee summons Twitter for privacy study
NDP MP Charmaine Borg says Twitter has not cooperated with the Commons access, privacy and ethics committee's study of privacy issues arising from social media. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press). NDP MP Charlie Angus may not need Twitter, but he...

University Turning to Social Media as Comm. Tool
Boston College Chronicle
An informal survey of social media on campus last semester found that more than 300 departments, organizations and individuals tweet, pin, post or blog on behalf of Boston College. That's a lot of messaging. In an effort to bring together social media ...

Boston College Chronicle

Video – The secret weapon for social media
iMedia Connection (blog)
Brands are embracing social media because of its ability to drive web traffic, leads and sales, as well as its inherent SEO benefits. Social media is allowing brands to develop customer relationships and spread their message in a manner that people ...

Social media hysteria
Bennington Banner
During a trip to Washington, D.C., last month, Lindsey Stone posed for a snapshot while making crude gestures. She posted it on Facebook, and soon her life turned upside down. The incident -- and to even call it that is part of the story -- serves to ...

Mulroney: Social media 'revolution' hurting politics
Montreal Gazette
The Right Honourable Club. Only six living Canadians other than Stephen Harper know what it's like to hold the most powerful political office in the land. Some were in the job just a few months; others were there for many years. All share a unique ...

FBI Scours Social Media In Insider Probe
"I will tell you technology will play a huge part, social media, Twitter," April Brooks, head of the FBI's New York field office and a member of the "Operation Perfect Hedge" team that has won more than 60 insider-trading convictions, told Reuters TV ...

Pueblo PD Joins Social Media Ranks
The Pueblo Police Department has joined the rapidly growing world of social media -- including Twitter and Facebook -- in an effort to better provide information to the public. The department also has appointed Sgt. Eric Gonzales as public information ...

Should media regulations also include social media?
Firstpost (blog)
If, as suggested, Lord Leveson presents his report on his seemingly endless inquiry into print press standards in the UK to prime minister David Cameron, expect days and weeks of media hysteria. The rhetoric is already filling endless pages of ...

Firstpost (blog)

Report: The Big Money Is on Social Ads Going Native
E-Commerce Times
Native ads are going to be a driver of growth in social media advertising, according to a forecast by BIA/Kelsey. By mingling sponsored messages with organic content, advertisers believe they can reach more users. "Because these units are richer they ...

Students Can't Be Social Media 'Friends,' Teachers
The public school system's social media policy now prohibits employees from "friending" current students via personal social networks except under special circumstances. The policy does not distinguish between personal accounts and accounts operated ...

Respondents: Social media, cellphone use affect attitudes
Residents seem pleased with the quality of life in Gahanna, but a shift in communications is affecting attitudes toward government, according to results of a recent survey. Dr. Hugh Clark of CJI Research Corp. provided a summary of the resident ...

5 tips for your Instagram cocktail pics
Boston Globe
It may come as no surprise to hear that Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media applications in the world. A study by the digital business analytics company comScore found that the picture-sharing site surpassed Twitter in active users for ...
Boston Globe

Britney Spears among celebrities investing in social media
Britney Spears is even getting in on the social media game, who is a huge fan of the social mediastart-up Path. Path is, according to their website, a “smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love.” “Social media has changed the ...

Beware of false social media alerts in SA bushfire season
The Australian
"One of the things that is a feature of emergencies these days is the information that comes throughsocial media," he said. "All of a sudden you'll be hearing (inaccurate or false) things on Twitter and there will be a question whether that is ...

Social Media Marketing: 3 Steps to Creating Great Content
Business 2 Community
Social Media Marketing: 3 Steps to Creating Great Content If you want to be a blogging success, you need to bring traffic to your site. Millions of website exist on the internet, so how is someone going to find your website? The answer is either ...

Business 2 Community

How Social Media Trends Could Affect Annual Conferences
Meetings Net
Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant, co-authors of Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World, asked 505 people this fall about the implementation of social media by their organizations' leadership. While most respondents said their ...

PotomacTech Wire Social Media Outlook 2013 Panel Recap
In The Capital
Yesterday, Potomac Tech Wire held their Social Media Outlook 2013 at the Gannett/USA TODAY Corporate Headquarters in McLean, VA. The event consisted of a keynote, panel and three speaker presentations all focused on bringing us expert viewpoints ...

Facebook removes elbows aka 'nipples' photo mistakenly
Lo and behold; there's a good ending to this story of Facebook censorship. A mere 24 hours after the TOTDUOT image was posted, the social media giant had a change of heart. Not only did it restore the image (pictured here), FB apologized for removing ...

It's all a (Facebook) hoax
Albany Times Union (blog)
Another day, another gripe about Facebook. And, of course, like any warmblooded social mediauser, expressing frustration on said annoying platform is, apparently, the way to go. That is why you've probably seen friends posting about the “New Facebook ...

Social news has role but can't replace journalists
The Australian
The authors note that the first reports on the raid killing Osama bin Laden came from a Pakistan IT consultant who tweeted what he witnessed, and that social media provided a more complete view of the Japan 2011 earthquake and tsunami than any ...

NYT Reins in Jerusalem Bureau Chief's Social Media Use ...
By Alana Goodman
The New York Times has assigned an editor to oversee the social media use of its Twitter-happy Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren, according to its public editor, Margaret Sullivan. This isn't out of nowhere, considering Rudoren's history ...
Commentary Magazine

How to match your message with the right social media site ...
By Dean Berg
You wouldn't use an otoscope o check a heart rate, so why use LinkedIn for patient education? Choose your social media site based on what you're trying to do.
MedCity News

Daniel Radcliffe: Welcome to Social Media! | Daniel Radcliffe | Just ...
By Just Jared Jr
Daniel Radcliffe fans can rejoice because the Harry Potter star has finally joined the world of social media! The 23-year-old ...
Just Jared Jr.

Driving Brand Journalism Through Social Media (Pt 1) - PRNewser
By Patrick Coffee
This week we bring you a special two-part post co-written with Tim Gray, content strategist at online marketing/web design firm Blue Fountain Media. Tim believes that brand journalism is indeed the future of PR–and that the best way to ...

The Top 22 Viral Marketing Tactics You Need in 2013 | Social Media ...
By Adam Torkildson
Whether you're a seasoned social media guru, or someone who has spent some time watching a few cat videos on YouTube, no doubt you've wondered: “What made this video/article/blog/website get shared so much?”.
Social Media Today - The world's...

Microsoft Research, FUSE Labs Internship Opportunities « Social ...
By Andrés Monroy-Hernández
For these positions, we are looking primarily for graduate students from Computer Science, Information Science, Design, and other multidisciplinary fields with a focus on social computing andsocial media. FUSE Labs is a research and ...
Social Media Collective

Social Media Group Gathers for Final Breakfast of 2012 (Photos - Wpta
Fort Wayne, Ind. ( - Business leaders and social media friends from around the area gathered for breakfast and some tweeting Tuesday morning.
INC - News - Local

Social media: to like or unlike? - Cream Blog
By Cream Editorial
By Madison Byrne, iD Experiential Facebook has become a phenomenon since its launch in 2005, followed closely by the explosion of Twitter to the social scene in 2007. The majority of us now seem to be captivated by the need...
Cream Blog - commentary on the...

What Mobile Marketers Can Learn from the Papa John's Lawsuit ...
By steve olenski
With nearly 86 million Americans now shopping on their smartphones, this pronounced shift in consumer behavior is simply too large for retailers to ignore, with the future of their business depending on how well they adapt to the new ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Ruing Rudoren's Facebook posts, NYT assigns her a 'social media ...
By Philip Weiss
NYT says Jodi Rudoren mistepped in Facebook comments on Palestinian culture: Ms. Rudoren regrets some of the language she used, particularly the expression “ho-hum.

New The 36 Rules of Social Media – Stephen's Lighthouse
By Stephen
The 36 Rules of Social Media. The 36 Rules of Social Media.!/InfiniGraph. Stephen. Posted on: November 28, 2012, 7:03 am Category: Uncategorized. By: Stephen · No comments. Logging In..
Stephen's Lighthouse

Alpha Phi International: Social Media Reminder
By Alpha Phi International Fraternity
So, before you post something derogatory or against Alpha Phi's social media policy, ask yourself this: if my current anonymous profile/account were replaced with my name and personal photo, would I still want Alpha Phi staff, volunteers, ...
Alpha Phi International

Email vs social media marketing | Brennan IT
By Eileen Racca
There are recent stories about Social Media being bigger and having a greater effect on campaign responses than email marketing. This has caused marketers to rethink their str.
Brennan IT

How Social Media Shapes the Conversation Around Israel & Hamas ...
The Israel Defense Forces sophisticated approach to social media positions Israel as a defensive actor in the conflict in Gaza--and shows the medium's power .

The History Of The Top 6 Social Networks

The History Of The Top 6 Social Networks Of All Time - Edudemic: "Well now here’s a fascinating look at the history of social media. From the early days of MySpace (or whatever it’s called now) to the present status of Facebook, it’s all here. It takes a position as being a way to determine if Facebook will survive (only time will tell) or if it’ll turn into something totally different. The following infographic sheds light on the early days of Aol, Yahoo!, Altavista, Myspace, Digg, and Facebook. As you can see, it may be worthwhile examining the rise and fall of each social network to determine the future of Facebook, Google+, and even Twitter. Only time will tell!" Infographic and read more here.

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Social Media Sizing Guide

From LunaMetrics--

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New Facebook policy conflicts with European law

New Facebook policy conflicts with European law, concerns privacy advocates - The Washington Post: "The proposed policy also drew criticism from American privacy advocates, who said that the changes would make more data available to advertisers without users’ explicit consent, in violation of last year’s consent decree between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission. The agreement stemmed from complaints about the company’s handling of personal data. “Facebook is not really telling users what this means and how this is going to work,” said Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. His group is planning to join the Electronic Privacy Information Center in complaining to the FTC about the proposed Facebook policy changes. The agency declined to comment on Friday."

Facebook and privacy? That's an oxymoron isn't it?

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Venn and the Art of Social Media Management

Venn and the Art of Social Media Management

by domlane. Learn about data visualization tools.

Venn and the Art of Social Media Management | "A simple model for a universe with effective engagement at the intersection of marcomms, understood as a combination of owned, bought and earned opportunities."

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Social Media Surveillance by DHS

Social Media Surveillance OK'd by DHS 'Privacy Office' | Common ...
A section of the US Department of Homeland Security known as the "Privacy Office" recently approved a DHS initiative designed to monitor social media sites for ...

Workers Use Social Media To Organize Strike
CBS Local
They have a three to five year perspective to slowly gain support thanks to social media,” says former Drexel University labor sociologist Art Shostak. Labor organizers are mobilizing strikers and supporters through a Facebook app, multiple Facebook ...

CBS Local

#SocialChat Discusses Social Media Automation with Patrick McKeown
Search Engine Journal
On Monday, Nov. 19th, social media marketing passionistas gathered from around the globe to discuss the whys and wherefores of scheduling and automating social media posts for brands and businesses. This week the guest expert warming his buns in the ...

Turkey, with a side of social media
Minneapolis Star Tribune
So he'll post photos of dinner to show his inner circle on Facebook, send out more general cheer to his 11,000 Twitter followers and post images of the prettiest dishes to In-stagram. Multiply Spivak'ssocial media activity by that of the millions of ...

Govt learns nimble use of social media from India Against Corruption
Times of India
NEW DELHI: The government appeared to have picked up a tweet or two from India Against Corruption's (IAC) nimble use of social media. Within 30 minutes of the Arvind Kejriwal-ex-NSG commando press conference, the usually slack Press Information ...

Times of India

Social media boost for VIVA
Gulf Daily News
MANAMA: VIVA Bahrain, the kingdom's innovative telecom provider, has been ranked second among Bahrain's top brands on Facebook leadership by Socialbakers, a global social media and digital analytics company. VIVA recorded a 700 per cent increase ...

5 ways to use social media to shop on Black Friday
Grand Haven Tribune
"And the power of shopping is now in the palm of your hands." In the past few years, retailers have been turning to social media to connect with and engage customers, said Cherry, who also writes about social media trends for the Michigan Retail ...

Grand Haven Tribune

Obama's social media machine focsed on fiscal cliff
Constitution Daily (blog)
In an interview earlier this week, former Obama campaign operative Jim Messina talked about Narwhal, part of the president's Chicago-based social media and e-mail operation, and how it could be used to enlist popular support for Obama's key points in...

Constitution Daily (blog)

Court rules on use of social media in sexual violence trial
THE Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has commended a ruling that social media may not be used during the testimony and cross-examination of Ina Bonnette in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. "We are encouraged by the ...

Social media will drive the customer experience and interaction market
Computer Business Review
Ovum's reports predicts that social media teams will shift into the contact centre, so better social media management tools to monitor social media sites will be needed. Ovum also forecasts significant growth for Social CRM (21% CAGR) in the next five ...

Judge backs right of social-media critic of gay marriage
Church Times
A SOCIAL-HOUSING group based in Manchester acted in breach of contract when it demoted one of its managers for posting a comment on Facebook opposing gay marriage in churches, a judge has ruled. But the High Court judge who made the decision ...

Israel, Hamas battle on social media too
Israel's ministry of public diplomacy also started a ''Special Operations Center,'' a virtual situation room of sorts, working with Israeli bloggers and volunteers to ''get Israeli's message out to the world virtually, to Arabs as well, through social ...


Calgary campaign leverages social media to spread JOI
Calgary Herald (blog)
Many charities are turning to social media to make giving more convenient, to engage donors and to solicit gifts, says Lindsay Nichols, a spokeswoman for charity evaluator GuideStar. Consumers can now charge donations online through their iTunes ...

Social Media Changing the Way Athletes Speak Out
Southern Maryland Online
ANNAPOLIS -- Late one September night, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe took to Twitter in a heat of rage toward a Maryland public official, crafting a series of responses about the same-sex marriage debate and what he felt was a serious violation ...

I am thankful for social media
Hattiesburg American
Facebook also has helped me organize my social life with its event calendars, reminders and tagging capabilities, I always know where I'm supposed to be, and sometimes where I can find my friends. I am thankful for Twitter because it is a quick way to ...

Social media comes to fore in Gaza conflict
The Australian Financial Review
You furnish the pictures, the US press baron boasted a century ago, as the story goes, and I'll furnish the war. The violent conflict in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, halted after a cease-fire agreed to on Wednesday, has certainly produced powerful ...

The Australian Financial Review

Facebook drops user vote on privacy rules
Deutsche Welle
US social media giant Facebook has announced it will abolish a rule that gives users a direct say in the networking site's privacy policy. The move comes after a site governance vote in June failed miserably. Reversing its 2009 privacy policy, Facebook...

Deutsche Welle

GTPD Adds Another Social Media Connection
In an effort to better connect with the community, Gloucester Township Police Department has added Pinterest to its social media programs. Pinterest is a pinboard-style, photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based ...

Black Friday 2012: The excitement and the cynicism across social media
The Grand Rapids Press -
black-friday-camper.jpeg Joyce Brinkley of Grand Rapids lounges with her ipad while camping outside the 28th Street Best Buy on Wednesday, Nov. 21. Black Friday will begin at midnight on Thanksgiving this year for many retailers. Emily Zoladz | Mlive ...

The Grand Rapids Press -

Parents learn about social media pitfalls
Parents attended a discussion at a Fredericton high school on Wednesday night that was designed to educate them about how their children use popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The evening session on social media was held at Leo ...

'Data analysis, social media to play major role in digital banking'
Hindu Business Line
On social media use, he said the banks need to look beyond the networking capabilities of social media and use its wide base to connect with their existing and prospective customers. This may be utilised to make elaborate analysis on customer behaviour ...

Hindu Business Line

Social media putting Vanuatu politicians on notice in Vanuatu
Radio Australia
In a country where political allegiances change frequently, and often with little notice or reason, the rise of social media may be playing a new role in holding Vanuatu's politicians to account. Social media putting Vanuatu politicians on notice in ...

Radio Australia

AnswerTap Debuts DIY Social Media Testing Tool
Daily Research News Online
Seattle-based start-up AnswerTap has launched a DIY feedback-gathering tool called MagicMarkup, to enable agencies and researchers to obtain consumer feedback on their marketing collateral, logo designs and proposed ads from their social networking...

Daily Research News Online

Brands that lack social-media savvy leave money on the table: study
Campaign Asia-Pacific
ASIA PACIFIC - Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, but companies there are far behind their target consumers in taking advantage of real-time media, according to a study by Rock Publicity that delivers insights for brands ...

Facebook ditches democracy? Social media firm to end user vote on privacy policy
Financial Post
The world's biggest social media company said in a blog post Wednesday that its voting mechanism, which is triggered only if enough people comment on proposed changes, has become a system that emphasizes quantity of responses over quality of...

Financial Post

Govt monitors social media conversations
The Australian
CSIRO is developing a second social media monitoring tool, called Vizie, which may have far broader political implications. The software detects and monitors conversation topics - including those which may be politically sensitive - across a range of ...

9 make du Social Media Awards final cut
Gulf Today
DUBAI: The du Social Media Awards judging panel has selected the short-listed nine finalists for the Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Social Responsibility Award, Best Digital Video Content Award,and Best Blog /Blogger Award categories. The short-listed ...

Social media turned on source of boats
The Australian
THE government will focus on the "carrot" of more refugee places rather than the diminished "stick" of offshore processing in a new social media campaign targeting prospective boatpeople and their relatives in Australia. With Labor's Pacific Solution ...

Obama Social Media Team on Being the Voice of the President
Jakarta Globe
Obama Social Media Team on Being the Voice of the President. Barack Obama's victory tweet was re-tweeted more than 320,000 times. (AFP Photo/Lionel Bonaventure). Shortly after US President Barack Obama won a second term on Nov. 4, the Obama's ...

Jakarta Globe

Research links social media and psychotic episodes
Times LIVE
This anonymity has led to a growing and worrying trend in internet 'trolling' where disparaging and offensive comments are left on sensitive articles, social mediamemorial pages or even tweeted directly to Twitter users. Addressing social networking...

Times LIVE

Does Your Company Have A Social Media Strategy - Mediabistro
By Shea Bennett
Social media has empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes across almost every industry to raise brand awareness, engage a global audience, boost website footfall and drive sales – providing they put in the work. But it's all about the ...

3 Ways To Get More Facebook Engagement By Using Photos ...
By Sam Zastrow
camera Several months ago, I realized our Facebook page was, well, kind of bad. Sure, we had optimized the page, added a Timeline photo and were posting regularly. But we weren't getting the kind of engagement required to help our page ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Social media's immaturity could spread - San Antonio Express-News
Mark Jurkowitz, associate director of the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, said recently on NPR's “On the Media” that during the homestretch of the presidential campaign, social media networks, and especially ...
Opinion Comentary Category List

Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought | The ...
By Endswell
The latest episode of The Onion Talks: The world's most successful companies know that social media is a powerful marketing tool, and Cameron Hughes.
The High Definite

VIVA top-ranked in social media leadership in Bahrain | Viva ...
VIVA Bahrain, the Kingdom's most innovative telecom provider, has been ranked 2nd place in Bahrain's top brands on Facebook leadership by Social Bakers, a global social media and digital analytics...
ExcitingAds! AME Info Latest News

Social Media and your managed services business | Ulistic
By admin
I get asked everyday, Stuart, how can I use Social Media to grow my MSP business? Want to know the secret to making social media work? Stop broadcasting useless junk and start sharing items that interest your prospects and clients.

Social Media and the Limits of Imagination - Mustard Seed Associates
By Andy
The Onion pokes fun at social media marketing – and challenges our assumptions.
Mustard Seed Associates

Social media misuse – how not to go about social | Marketing ...
By Catriona Pollard
Catriona Pollard. Director, CP Communications, which provides specialist PR and social mediastrategies that achieve positive media coverage, increased brand awareness and improved sales results. View all posts by Catriona Pollard → ...
Marketing magazine

Customers will expect 'always-connected' customer service in 2013 ...
By Social Media Influence
The mechanics of social customer support is changing rapidly. Even if vendors can deliver the technology, will brands be able to keep up with consumers' increasing demands?

Can a Social Media Trainer Find "Fans" in Your Audience? | David A ...
By David West
Although organizations throughout Western Canada have been taking advantage of my services as a technology speaker for a number of years, I have found lately that presentations on social media are becoming more and more popular.
David A. West

Israel's social media war run by 26-year-old | OSUN DEFENDER
By Online Editor 11
Lieutenant Sacha Dratwa (Facebook)Lieutenant Sacha Dratwa (Facebook)Social media have become tools for popular movements like the Occupy Wall Street protest.

How to avoid Twitter disaster / We Are Social
By Jim Coleman
The Drum recently carried the following article from me, commenting on social media backlashes, and how they could have been avoided. They've been kind enough.
We Are Social

When Does Blocking Become Anti-social on Pinterest and Twitter ...
By Jeff Bullas
I'm often asked about the privacy of using social media. The question usually goes something like this: "If I have a friend or acquaintance who I'd prefer didn't see my posts, should I just block them?" I always respond with the statement, "Most ...
Jeffbullas's Blog

Social media gurus nailed in Onion parody - Boing Boing
Social media gurus nailed in Onion parody. Rob Beschizza at 5:57 am Thu, Nov 22. LATEST ...

Harness the True Power of Social Media |
Inc. Live: Livestrong CEO Doug Ulman says you can't think of social media as a tool. To get maximum impact, he says you have to think of social media as a ...

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists and Galleries

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists and Galleries: ". . . . while fine art is big business, there is often a wide chasm between the creative process that makes a great artist or a sophisticated gallery owner, and the marketing process that drives branding and sales. “For the majority of artists, success will ultimately come down to their effectiveness in marketing,” says Darius Himes, Assistant Director of fine art photography gallery Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. “Artists need to embrace the fact that both their work, and they themselves as artists, are brands that must be marketed.” So whether you’re an aspiring artist who wants to build an initial following, or a veteran art dealer looking to expand awareness of your brand, it pays to get savvy to new social marketing techniques to help you achieve your objectives. The following are seven strategies for more effective social marketing. 1. Optimize Your Website . . . . "

Bal Thackeray Facebook post: Social networks erupt over girls' arrest
Indian Express
The arrest of two girls over their Facebook post on shutdown in Mumbai for Bal Thackeray's funeral today again opened a can of worms with netizens calling the move a "social media hijack by the powerful and the fundamentalists". Social media was abuzz ...

George Takei joins Tumblr; social media domination complete
Los Angeles Times
Takei may be best known for his portrayal of Hikaru Sulu in the original "Star Trek" television series, but in the past few years he has morphed into a social media super star. His Facebook page has nearly 3 million likes, and his posts regularly ...

Guest post: Can we trust social media publishers to protect our privacy?
Digital Media Wire
Can we trust social media publishers to protect our privacy? Barry Murphy, co-founder and principal analyst of EDJ Group, cautions that this question has legal ramifications for every company that uses Facebook, Twitter or any other social service.

Digital Media Wire

Gaza and the Tactical Military Use of Social Media
The Atlantic
With social media, Saltzman wrote in an email, "Ordinary people become self-made reporters and publicize their personal experiences [...] Like in the case of Lebanon in 2006, they help Hamas and Islamic Jihad to re-calibrate their missiles, rockets and ...

The Atlantic

Feds To Use Social Media For Biosurveillance
With the help of Accenture, OHA will begin using information gathered from social media sites -- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr -- to better inform and protect the public against national health emergencies, such as disease outbreaks or ...

Smartphone-triggered pet feeder connects to social media
CNET (blog)
The Pintofeed is an intelligent, Wi-Fi-connected pet feeder that's dialed in to smartphones and social media. It serves up food in half-cup portion increments and is controlled by Android or iOS devices. The standard capacity is 5 pounds of food, but ...

Will social media decide who lives and who dies?
In many ways, social media is already determining who lives and who dies. Arijit Guha might have been another statistic demonstrating the brutality of the U.S. health system without his serendipitous Twitter exchange. For better or worse, YouTube ...

Girl's arrest draws flak on social media
Times of India
BANGALORE: The arrest of a 21-year-old girl by Mumbai police for criticizing the shutting down of the city following the death of Bal Thackeray come under fire from netizens. Many tweets andFacebook posts popped up soon after the news of her arrest ...

SGI Twitter Heat Map: Supercomputer Shows Where Angriest Tweeters Live
Huffington Post
The University of Alabama <a href="" target="_hplink">surveyed nearly 8,000 people</a> in 2012, finding that participants over the age of 50 who used ...

Social Media's Effects on Organizational Structure
Associations Now
The only thing more popular than social media, it seems, is social media hype. And that's perhaps why some organizations miss the power that social business techniques can have if implemented at a granular level—and often struggle to make them happen...

Associations Now

Has the New MySpace Predicted the Future of Social Media Marketing?
Business 2 Community
new myspace The new Myspace was officially launched this week and so far the response has been pretty muted. If you take a quick spin around the web's more popular tech blogs, you're more likely to find old Myspace stories than buzz about the launch.

Business 2 Community

Social media, apps changing how we grieve
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
From left, Tohir Tillyaev, Sophia Mitchell and Tony DiPietro won Rochester Startup Weekend by developing an app that allows funeral homes to stream services for those who can't attend in person. / Provided photo ...

Tech Circuit: Social (& Traditional) Media Edition
War of the Words: Many journalists were mesmerized this week by the use of social media in the Middle East. Here's an example of social media changing the world: the military wing of Palestinian political group Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces took...

What Facebook's New Job Listing App Means for Businesses
NBC Chicago (blog)
In case you haven't heard, or are like me and aren't on Facebook, here's the skinny: Last week, thesocial media titan has launched a new job-listing app. It was unveiled on Wednesday, and it's the result of a year-old partnership with the U.S ...

Social Media: Weighing Dumbness One Byte at a Time
Getting back to the article, and premise, about a dumber state of things, a link with an expanding social media and an elevated state of dopiness is drawn by some. How smart do you have to be to spread hate and anger anonymously on the Internet?

Fresh faces of Israeli soldiers on social media remind us of who's really at stake
Herald Sun
IMAGES on social media of young, attractive men and women could depict a generation on their way to schoolies. Instead they're fighting in a war. If not for the khakis and the machine guns you'd be forgiven for thinking these guys and girls are on ...

Social Marketing Brain-Teaser: Will Apple Jump the Shark by Investing in Twitter?
Business 2 Community
There has been recent buzz about Apple investing in Foursquare in order to align itself with one of the most highly respected location-based services available to mobile users. At the same time, there have also been various reports in recent months ...

Business 2 Community

eToro Recognized for Best Use of Social Media
Sacramento Bee
eToro, the world's leading Social Investment Network, announced today that it was awarded "Best Use of Social Media" by Shares Magazine for eToro OpenBook™. eToro OpenBook connects millions of users from over 140 countries and enables users to tap ...

Do we need a 'green cross code' for Twitter?
Channel 4 News
As Sally Bercow names a teenager on Twitter whose identity is protected by a court order, and Lord McAlpine's lawyers pursue those who defamed him in tweets, what next for the social network? Please wait while this video loads. If it doesn't load after ...

Channel 4 News

Local Engagement Through Social Media is Key for Businesses
CEO and Founder of Expion, Peter Heffring believes that in the age of social media, brands need to not only engage their fans at a national level, but also make sure they have a local voice. Earlier this month, Expion a provider of social media ...

WATCH: 60 Seconds of Social Media
Huffington Post (blog)
While Facebook continues to confound and annoy with its newsfeed algorythim-tinkering, is it Tumblr's moment in the sun? Find out why Tumblr might be the future of branded content in the latest episode of Freshwire's "60 Seconds of Social Media." ...

A Guide to Using Social Media Well in Government and Advocacy
Today's social media environment is full of opportunities to reach the public in new ways and challenges on how to do it right. But across government and advocacy organizations, to use social media effectively, you need two things: something worth ...

Facebook, Twitter boon for budding photographers
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani feels that social networking and digital photography is a boon for youngsters who want to pursue photography as a career. "I think the youth today is very excited about photography and socialnetworking ...

Times of India

Did We Really Think Social Media Would Stay Free Forever?
By Jennifer Shaheen
Did you really think social media would stay free? Let's face it, social media fees pay employees to keep the sites running and up-to-date.
Small Business Trends

A New Approach to B2B Social Media Influence | Social Media Today
By Jenniferlb
How do you measure your Business Social Media Influence ? Twitter followers, engagement levels or retweets? Recently the ABC USA reported on updates to the popular tool, Klout Perhaps you, like some US employers use Klout to measure ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

How to Find Top Tech Talent on Social Media
By Heather Huhman
Social media could be the answer to finding top performers.

Social Media Means More Opportunity To Be Seen
By A Photo Editor
It's a generally accepted rule of thumb that 3-5 point of contact (some say 7-9) is necessary for someone to make a hiring decision on you. What that means is someone must encounter your work 3-5 times either by you.
A Photo Editor

Study demonstrates that social media users are pretty insightful ...
By Jim Dougherty
A recent study by Firefly Millwood Brown substantiates some of the conventional wisdom aroundsocial media.
Leaders West

5 Essential Tips on Social Media Integration for WordPress | Wptuts+
By Barış Ünver
How do we integrate our website into social media? In this tutorial, we're going to go through 5 essential tips on how to be more social.

47 Social Media Facts (& What They Mean For Your Marketing ...
By Heidi Cohen
As social media continues to evolve and mature, so does the ways marketers use it and how they integrate it into their marketing plans. To help you maximize the effectiveness of your social mediaefforts, here are 47 social media facts and ...
Heidi Cohen

Foursquare API Offers Possibilities To Engage with Customers ...
By Gene Smith
Social media marketing and ROI have an interesting history with some famous sorts saying the proper answer should be, “What's the ROI of your mother, because she made you what you are today?” I have to think they never won a budget ...
Ignite Social Media - The original...

Why are India's politicians scared of social media? | UNCUT
By Mahima Kaul
At a forum, The Power of Social Media for Governance organised in March 2011, while praising social media and e-government/commerce initiatives, Information minister Kapil Sibal suggested that social media users also discuss the dangers ...

LinkedIn Business Mistakes - Business Insider
By Alyson Shontell
A LinkedIn insider tells us the common pitfalls. ... True, it's her job to get people to use LinkedIn, but we think she has a perspective worth sharing, since she trains companies on nontraditional uses ofLinkedIn. She knows the platform like the ...
Business Insider

What a Pinterest Ad Model Would Look Like | Digiday
By Giselle Abramovich
Digiday - The Authority on Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising.

Pinterest: New Business Accounts Launched Just In Time For Black ...
By Tara Dodrill
Pinterest Business Accounts rolled out this week could generate even more purchases for small and big businesses alike. HubSpot reports that 47.
The Inquisitr

How to create a Pinterest “pin it” button for your WordPress blog
By Jean-Baptiste Jung
How to create a Pinterest “pin it” button for your WordPress blog. As a blogger or website owner, your goal is probably to attract traffic to your website. While facebook and twitter are definitely the two bigger social networking sites, Pinterest is ...

13 Mistakes Your Business Is Making On LinkedIn
Business Insider
When used the right way, it can be a powerful tool for businesses too—and not just for recruiting, the way most managers think of using the site. Businesses that navigateLinkedIn properly engage customers, generate sales leads, and swap internal ...

7 Ways People Are Gaming Social Media
Nothing's changed, of course, in the brave new world of social media. The gadgets we use might be newer and shinier than they were back when we thought ketchup could cure gout, but that just means there are brilliant (and sometimes devious) new tactics ...

Social media analytics startup Socialbakers raises $6M
Prague-based social media analytics startup Socialbakers on Monday announced that it had raised $6 million in funding from Index Ventures and Earlybird Venture Capital. The startup says that more than a fifth of all Fortune 500 companies are its clients.


Social Media is Like Marriage: A One-Way Street
Social media and relationships: that's what the new Facebook couples pages is all about. Listing yourself as "In a relationship" is so traumatic that it's probably ended more relationships than Vegas trips and Victoria's Secrets catalogs combined. But ...


Dish Network Ordered to Change Social Media Policy
Hollywood Reporter
The National Labor Relations Board has ordered Dish to change a "Social Media" policy in the employee handbook that prevented workers from making disparaging or defamatory comments about the company. Additionally, the NLRB has slapped Dish for ...

5 ways journalists can use social media for on-the-ground reporting in the ...
Social media is a particularly powerful tool in the Middle East, where in some countries it gives people a way to express themselves. That expression takes many forms, from social protest, to political criticism, to sharing news and information. Most ...

Obama's Social Media Strategist Tells Tumblr How to Win an Election
Luckily, we got our campaign fix today because Tumblr and The Daily Beast spoke to Laura Olin, one of the Obama campaign's top social media strategists. Ms. Olin was responsible for scheduling the victory posts to all Obama's social networks. Most ...

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