Google's Lost Social Network?

Google Reader as Google's lost social network--article excerpt below:

Google's Lost Social Network: "One embittered user suggested that Steve Jobs was to blame. In a 60 Minutes interview, Walter Isaacson, Jobs’ biographer, recounted a meeting between Jobs and Larry Page. The Apple founder told the Google founder: “Focus. Don’t be like Microsoft doing products all over the map. Figure out what you do best, and keep it focused.” Whether Jobs intended it that way — or if they took his advice at all — the Google founders decided that fewer products meant better products. Madrigal, the Atlantic writer, thinks that’s misguided, and that Google should foster “the nascent but largely invisible communities it already has.” The sharebros might agree, but even Reader’s disaffected engineers acknowledge the importance of unification. “Google has clearly made its bets with G+, and Reader should be part of those plans,” Shih conceded."

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