Google Brings YouTube And Google+ Closer

Google Brings YouTube And Google+ Closer Together With YouTube Tab, Easier Sharing Of Uploaded Videos | TechCrunch: "Google continues to integrate its Google+ social network deeper into its wide range of other products. YouTube already has an extensive Google+ integration, but now the two services are getting even closer. Google just expanded the connection between the two by making it easier to share new public videos to Google+ after they are uploaded and by highlighting users’ public YouTube videos on their Google+ profiles. Google is also renaming the Google+ “Videos” tab to “YouTube.” Clicking on this tab in a user’s profile now sends users directly to their YouTube channel. This feature, says Google’s Dom Carr, is meant for “those of you who are aspiring musicians, pundits, comedians, or brands.” By giving users another avenue to their YouTube channels, Carr writes, these users will be able to “grow [their] audience even faster with Google+.”. . ."

one commenter to above article notes issues concerning identity/usability, particularly for business:
"Is there any indication when this feature will roll out to company pages? I'm getting more and more frustrated lately trying to keep clients' Google presence in order and the fact that we are essentially forced to make up fake people really complicates things when doing things like linking Google+ profiles to YouTube channels! It seems that no company has been able to consider the business user right from the start despite the fact that they court marketers like crazy when they launch new products."

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