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Google+ Communities definitely a "plus"--

Google+ Communities for Merchants - 'Net Features - Website Magazine: "Merchants tend to put the majority of their social resources into sites like Facebook or Twitter, but it might be time to shift some of that social focus to Google+. This is because having a profile on Google’s emerging social network makes a brand more visible in the search results. In fact, a study from digital marketing and analytics provider Fathom reveals that only 24 percent of the brands on Millward Brown's 2012 BrandZ list actually triggered a Knowledge Graph entry when searched for on Google, and the information for 92 percent of those entries came directly from Google+." . . .Who should leverage Communities? While any type of Web worker can create a Community, merchants might be the biggest beneficiaries of this new feature. . . .Google+ already has a big impact on the SERPs. Additionally, fostering a community around a brand can help merchants establish authority in their niche, build better relationships with customers and acquire more brand advocates. For example, a pet store retailer can create a Community for local pet owners. Within this Community, members will be able to upload images of their kittens, schedule puppy play dates or participate in a Hangout video-chat for puppy training tips. . . . 

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