Dana White on the UFC's Social Media Strategy

Dana White Explains the UFC's Social Media Choke Hold: "Over the past several years, UFC President Dana White has transformed the Ultimate Fighting Championship from a violent sideshow into an accepted part of the American sporting mainstream. That image overhaul is thanks in no small part to social media, where the UFC is one of the most successful sports organizations around. White himself is a social powerhouse, too, with more than 2.3 million followers on Twitter. (NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, by comparison, has 345,000.) Well over 400 UFC fighters are active on Twitter, and for good reason -- in 2011, the league became the first to offer athletes bonuses for outstanding Twitter engagement and creativity. The UFC's most-followed fighter, Anderson Silva, now has 2.8 million followers. On Facebook, where it has nearly 1 million likes, the UFC became the first sports organization to stream a live event when it broadcast a series of preliminary bouts for UFC Fight Night 23 in January 2011. Its YouTube channel has more than 333 million total views and the company says its individual videos average more views than the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA combined. Pinterest and Spotify have become other areas of social emphasis more recently. . . . "

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