Microsoft Launches So.Cl Social Media Network

Microsoft Launches So.Cl Social Media Network | Bill Hartzer
By Bill Hartzer
If you are familiar with Pinterest, and Tumblr, then you know how much fun it can be to create a topical board filled with pictures, articles, and videos to.
Bill Hartzer

How to Simplify Your Social Media Content - Salesforce Marketing ...
By Zoe Geddes-Soltess
While Twitter requires that you keep your thoughts to 140 characters or less, the principle of “less is more” also applies to other social networks. We found that Facebook posts with 80 characters...
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How Do You Sell on Social Media? | Advertising Blender
By Kim Maxon
Now that we've discussed, and made plain, our view of selling on social media, we thought we'd take a look at social media marketing and how you should go about using it to sell your goods and services. See, even though we think you ...
Advertising Blender

Moving Beyond Social Media Tactics to Find Business Value ...
By Sheldon Levine
If you were to believe the recent blog headline “Social Media is a Waste of Time for B-to-B,” then your company may miss an a significant opportunity to create communication that leads to valuable business outcomes. Given the nascent nature ...
Sysomos Blog

Is Life Science Social Media Worth It Yet? Three Tenets Behind Its ...
By Mary Canady
Life science social media is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between favor and disfavor. Understand its relevance to your business to leverage it.
Comprendia » Blog

Social Media in The City: How sectors compare - Sociagility
By Tony Burgess-Webb
The Social Media in the City report we launched this week looks at the comparative social mediaperformance of the FTSE 100 companies. But we also looked at how FTSE 100 sectors with 3 or more companies perform: to see how average ...

4 Social Media tips to Maintain Online Reputation
By Dhwani Gandhi
In today's competitive business scenario every company needs to maintain a healthy online reputation. Use these SEO tips to help repair your online reputation effectively:
Social Samosa

Nielsen: Significant social media growth driven by mobile - - BizReport
Back in July, 2011, Americans spent around 88 billion minutes each month on social networks. That's nothing compared to how much time was spent on social networks a year on, as a recent report from Nielsen reveals.

news:rewired » Blog Archive » How news groups use social media ...
By Elena Cresci
In a social media-driven world, sources for breaking news can be anyone and can come from anywhere. To create accurate and engaging journalism while covering a quickly developing situation, such as Hurricane Sandy or the Aurora ...

Blab! Media | Blab's 2013 Social Media Resolutions
By admin
2012 has been a crazy year for social media! The London Olympics, war and conflict around the world, a record-breaking IPO, the introduction and growth of Pinterest, a presidential election and multiple natural disasters gave social media ...
Blab! Media

Social Media Marketing Conference 2012 - Las Vegas Day 1 ...
By Jackie Hole
Held in the Aria Resort & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas, the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference is a two day conference in the SMX Series.
State of Search

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