"Why I Quit Facebook"

Christopher Thompson's Closing the Deal: Why I Quit Facebook | New Hampshire NEWS02: "I realized it was really a complete waste of my time. I found myself checking Facebook often, and it was really providing no value to my personal or professional life. I got tired of reading about people complaining and spreading negativity. And what put me over the edge was when I read a status update from someone that was nothing but lyrics from a rap song. I realized the time I was spending on Facebook was time I was wasting. And it truly was. At that point, I made the decision to quit Facebook." (read more at link above)

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The New 140 Characters Resume

The New Résumé: It's 140 Characters - WSJ.com: "Job seekers, in turn, are trying to summarize their CVs in 140 characters or six-second videos. Twitter, which was founded in 2006, isn't yet revolutionizing recruiting, but some employers are already using it to great advantage, citing quick, direct contact with candidates and access to broad networks."

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Code Freeze Saved LinkedIn

Inside Operation InVersion, the Code Freeze That Saved LinkedIn - Businessweek: "Scott believes all this work has primed LinkedIn for what he sees as its next stage: mining users’ economic and job data to spot trends early and advise people on advancing their careers. “We’ll be able to see things like where welders are migrating and what skills the successful ones are learning,” Scott says. “It is great to have perfect information running in both directions.”" (read more at link above)

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Social media and the search for Boston bombing suspects

Social media and the search for the Boston bombing suspects
CBS News
The Boston Marathon bombings are certainly a tale of terror, but also a tale about the power and perils of social media. "At one point I wrote, 'I just wish I had a fact filter for Twitter,'" said Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief of Mashable.com ...

Smart phones, social media aided Boston search
Deutsche Welle
Smart phones, social media aided Boston search. The two bombs at the Boston Marathon exploded with hundreds of people watching. Many of them were filming the moment on their mobile phones, which helped investigators identify, track and find the ...

It's Time for Truth on Social Media - Mashable
With social networks like Facebook and Twitter, news flows faster than ever. And the news is no longer centrally controlled, making it potentially less trustworthy. Reporters have more access to information through social media, but it's no longer just ...

Social media plays role in search for Boston suspects
This picture is an example of how big a role social media played in this event. Authorities were flooded with tips about the two suspects when images were shared. And when the two brothers went on their rampage, trying to escape, lots of people ...


#ISOJ Keynote: Can Social Media Help Us Create A More Informed Public?
PBS MediaShift
... it wrong and making matters worse. So that's why I'd like to talk today about some of the factors that lead to these mistakes, how they're amplified by social media, and perhaps, how we can mitigate them better by rethinking how we engage the public.

Social media a double-edged sword in gathering Boston manhunt info
Berkshire Eagle
Modern phones provided access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and apps allowed listeners across the globe immediate access to the Watertown police scanner as the second terror suspect was apprehended late Friday. People kept up with...

Social media fuels rumors during search for suspects
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The intensive manhunt for the bombers behind the deadly Boston Marathon attacks didn't take place only on the streets with professional police officers and SWAT teams

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Social-media skills every leader needs

Six social-media skills every leader needs - McKinsey Quarterly - Strategy - Innovation: "Social media also adds new dimensions to these traits. For example, it requires the ability to create compelling, engaging multimedia content. Leaders need to excel at cocreation and collaboration—the currencies of the social-media world. Executives must understand the nature of different social-media tools and the unruly forces they can unleash. Equally important, there’s an organizational dimension: leaders must cultivate a new, technologically linked social infrastructure that by design promotes constant interaction across physical and geographical boundaries, as well as self-organized discourse and exchange. . . ." read more at link above

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Fake Twitter Followers a Multimillion-Dollar Business

Fake Twitter Followers Become Multimillion-Dollar Business - NYTimes.com: "There are now more than two dozen services that sell fake Twitter accounts, but Mr. Stroppa and Mr. De Micheli said they limited themselves to the most popular networks, forums and Web sites, which include Fiverr, SeoClerks, InterTwitter, FanMeNow, LikedSocial, SocialPresence and Viral Media Boost. Based on the number of accounts for sale through those services — and eliminating overlapping accounts — they estimate that there are now as many as 20 million fake follower accounts.
Fake followers are typically sold in batches of one thousand to one million accounts. The average price for 1,000 fake followers is $18, according to one study by Barracuda Labs. Mr. Stroppa and Mr. De Micheli said some sellers bragged that they made $2 and $30 per fake account. A conservative estimate, they said, was that fake Twitter followers offered potential for a $40 million to $360 million business."

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Investing advice and Twitter

When to take investing advice from Twitter - Chuck Jaffe - MarketWatch: "This month, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission updated the filing requirements for many social-media communications. Without these updates, most compliance officers held one basic tenet with regard to most social-media activity, namely that every statement a firm or money manager makes about investing must be treated as if it were a material disclosure, with the information filed with regulators. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or Finra, the brokerage industry’s private self-regulator, basically has that standard too."

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Hashtags considered #harmful

Hashtags considered #harmful » Nieman Journalism Lab: "Does this mean the millions of Twitter users who deploy such hashtags to increase their reach are all wrong? Well…yes. We certainly have a history of carrying out myths in technology. Shaking a Polaroid picture didn’t make it develop any faster. Blowing on Nintendo cartridges didn’t help, either. We’ve all been told at some point that hashtags connect you to more people, and it’s been widely accepted as fact."

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Mobile messaging apps threaten Facebook

Youth flock to mobile messaging apps, may be threat to Facebook | Reuters: "Create personal profiles. Build networks of friends. Share photos, videos and music. That might sound precisely like Facebook, but hundreds of millions of tech-savvy young people have instead turned to a wave of smartphone-based messaging apps that are now sweeping across North America, Asia and Europe. The hot apps include Kik and Whatsapp, both products of North American startups, as well as Kakao Inc's KakaoTalk, NHN Corp's LINE and Tencent Holdings Ltd's WeChat, which have blossomed in Asian markets. Combining elements of text messaging and social networking, the apps provide a quick-fire way for smartphone users to trade everything from brief texts to flirtatious pictures to YouTube clips — bypassing both the SMS plans offered by wireless carriers and established social networks originally designed as websites. Facebook Inc, with 1 billion users, remains by far the world's most popular website, and its stepped-up focus on mobile has made it the most-used smartphone app as well. Still, across Silicon Valley, investors and industry insiders say there is a possibility that the messaging apps could threaten Facebook's dominance over the next few years. The larger ones are even starting to emerge as full-blown "platforms" that can support third-party applications such as games. . . .

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FTC is Watching Sponsored Tweets

Paid Tweeters Beware: The FTC is Watching - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ: " . . . That #spon at the end is currently used by some on Twitter as a hashtag identifying sponsored tweets, and the “typical loss…” is a disclaimer similar to the ones you see on most weight loss ads. But it’s still not good enough, the FTC says: “#spon” isn’t clear enough, because plenty of people wouldn’t know what it means, particularly Twitter novices. Instead, you would need to tag it with something obvious, like…"

The Greatest Blog Post About Deceptive Advertising Ever Written* | Looper Reed & McGraw, P.C. - JDSupra: If you make a claim, have the evidence to back it up which means a “reasonable basis” to make the claim including “competent and reliable scientific evidence” for health and safety claims. Stay subjective. Saying your drink tastes great or that this is the best column ever is something the consumers can judge for themselves. Opinions are not verifiable facts and rarely can create liability. Be careful online. Your “liking,” “re-tweeting,” or other actions can be an endorsement of someone else’s comments and violate regulatory rules that govern your industry. If you are in those industries, train the people running the official company channels. The Business Guidance section of FTC’s website provides some good resources to help stay out of trouble.

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Subway, Google And Target Are Top Brands For Social Currency

Subway, Google And Target Are Top Brands For Social Currency - Forbes: " . . . . 1. Subway (Social currency score: 712) Subway not only benefits from a large Facebook and Twitter audience but it also gets very high engagement scores. Subway fans and followers are very active. 2. Google (709) Google’s success follows from its large branded ecosystem of products that consumers access in their daily lives. 3. Target (688) Target succeeds because it attracts consumers using a 360° presence through numerous channels and in different functions to create buzz and awareness. 4. Heineken (665) Heineken continuously creates high visibility for its brand through social media. Its users engage with its viral campaigns and innovative concepts.  . . . "

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On Facebook, Sharing Can Come at a Cost

Disruptions: As User Interaction on Facebook Drops, Sharing Comes at a Cost - It seems as if Facebook is not only promoting paid links on news feeds, but also possibly suppressing the ones that aren’t paid for - 
NYTimes.com: ". . . . Facebook has also said that there has been a 2 percent drop in interaction on the news feed, and is now replacing free content with paid content, which means a large number of free posts will disappear from people’s feeds as sponsored ads float to the top. . . . .Twitter has the same type of advertising module, the sponsored tweet, but although it might highlight the ad in a user’s stream, it does not suppress other people’s content in the process. Everything just falls into a time-based stream. Facebook may become dominant enough that its actions vex regulators, then it may be forced to change what it highlights. Or, maybe its users will grow so tired of what seems like another bait-and-switch that they will decide to stop sharing, even if it seems to be free."

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