Social media and the search for Boston bombing suspects

Social media and the search for the Boston bombing suspects
CBS News
The Boston Marathon bombings are certainly a tale of terror, but also a tale about the power and perils of social media. "At one point I wrote, 'I just wish I had a fact filter for Twitter,'" said Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief of ...

Smart phones, social media aided Boston search
Deutsche Welle
Smart phones, social media aided Boston search. The two bombs at the Boston Marathon exploded with hundreds of people watching. Many of them were filming the moment on their mobile phones, which helped investigators identify, track and find the ...

It's Time for Truth on Social Media - Mashable
With social networks like Facebook and Twitter, news flows faster than ever. And the news is no longer centrally controlled, making it potentially less trustworthy. Reporters have more access to information through social media, but it's no longer just ...

Social media plays role in search for Boston suspects
This picture is an example of how big a role social media played in this event. Authorities were flooded with tips about the two suspects when images were shared. And when the two brothers went on their rampage, trying to escape, lots of people ...

#ISOJ Keynote: Can Social Media Help Us Create A More Informed Public?
PBS MediaShift
... it wrong and making matters worse. So that's why I'd like to talk today about some of the factors that lead to these mistakes, how they're amplified by social media, and perhaps, how we can mitigate them better by rethinking how we engage the public.

Social media a double-edged sword in gathering Boston manhunt info
Berkshire Eagle
Modern phones provided access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and apps allowed listeners across the globe immediate access to the Watertown police scanner as the second terror suspect was apprehended late Friday. People kept up with...

Social media fuels rumors during search for suspects
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The intensive manhunt for the bombers behind the deadly Boston Marathon attacks didn't take place only on the streets with professional police officers and SWAT teams

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