FTC is Watching Sponsored Tweets

Paid Tweeters Beware: The FTC is Watching - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ: " . . . That #spon at the end is currently used by some on Twitter as a hashtag identifying sponsored tweets, and the “typical loss…” is a disclaimer similar to the ones you see on most weight loss ads. But it’s still not good enough, the FTC says: “#spon” isn’t clear enough, because plenty of people wouldn’t know what it means, particularly Twitter novices. Instead, you would need to tag it with something obvious, like…"

The Greatest Blog Post About Deceptive Advertising Ever Written* | Looper Reed & McGraw, P.C. - JDSupra: If you make a claim, have the evidence to back it up which means a “reasonable basis” to make the claim including “competent and reliable scientific evidence” for health and safety claims. Stay subjective. Saying your drink tastes great or that this is the best column ever is something the consumers can judge for themselves. Opinions are not verifiable facts and rarely can create liability. Be careful online. Your “liking,” “re-tweeting,” or other actions can be an endorsement of someone else’s comments and violate regulatory rules that govern your industry. If you are in those industries, train the people running the official company channels. The Business Guidance section of FTC’s website provides some good resources to help stay out of trouble.

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