Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists and Galleries

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists and Galleries: ". . . . while fine art is big business, there is often a wide chasm between the creative process that makes a great artist or a sophisticated gallery owner, and the marketing process that drives branding and sales. “For the majority of artists, success will ultimately come down to their effectiveness in marketing,” says Darius Himes, Assistant Director of fine art photography gallery Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. “Artists need to embrace the fact that both their work, and they themselves as artists, are brands that must be marketed.” So whether you’re an aspiring artist who wants to build an initial following, or a veteran art dealer looking to expand awareness of your brand, it pays to get savvy to new social marketing techniques to help you achieve your objectives. The following are seven strategies for more effective social marketing. 1. Optimize Your Website . . . . "

Bal Thackeray Facebook post: Social networks erupt over girls' arrest
Indian Express
The arrest of two girls over their Facebook post on shutdown in Mumbai for Bal Thackeray's funeral today again opened a can of worms with netizens calling the move a "social media hijack by the powerful and the fundamentalists". Social media was abuzz ...

George Takei joins Tumblr; social media domination complete
Los Angeles Times
Takei may be best known for his portrayal of Hikaru Sulu in the original "Star Trek" television series, but in the past few years he has morphed into a social media super star. His Facebook page has nearly 3 million likes, and his posts regularly ...

Guest post: Can we trust social media publishers to protect our privacy?
Digital Media Wire
Can we trust social media publishers to protect our privacy? Barry Murphy, co-founder and principal analyst of EDJ Group, cautions that this question has legal ramifications for every company that uses Facebook, Twitter or any other social service.

Digital Media Wire

Gaza and the Tactical Military Use of Social Media
The Atlantic
With social media, Saltzman wrote in an email, "Ordinary people become self-made reporters and publicize their personal experiences [...] Like in the case of Lebanon in 2006, they help Hamas and Islamic Jihad to re-calibrate their missiles, rockets and ...

The Atlantic

Feds To Use Social Media For Biosurveillance
With the help of Accenture, OHA will begin using information gathered from social media sites -- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr -- to better inform and protect the public against national health emergencies, such as disease outbreaks or ...

Smartphone-triggered pet feeder connects to social media
CNET (blog)
The Pintofeed is an intelligent, Wi-Fi-connected pet feeder that's dialed in to smartphones and social media. It serves up food in half-cup portion increments and is controlled by Android or iOS devices. The standard capacity is 5 pounds of food, but ...

Will social media decide who lives and who dies?
In many ways, social media is already determining who lives and who dies. Arijit Guha might have been another statistic demonstrating the brutality of the U.S. health system without his serendipitous Twitter exchange. For better or worse, YouTube ...

Girl's arrest draws flak on social media
Times of India
BANGALORE: The arrest of a 21-year-old girl by Mumbai police for criticizing the shutting down of the city following the death of Bal Thackeray come under fire from netizens. Many tweets andFacebook posts popped up soon after the news of her arrest ...

SGI Twitter Heat Map: Supercomputer Shows Where Angriest Tweeters Live
Huffington Post
The University of Alabama <a href="" target="_hplink">surveyed nearly 8,000 people</a> in 2012, finding that participants over the age of 50 who used ...

Social Media's Effects on Organizational Structure
Associations Now
The only thing more popular than social media, it seems, is social media hype. And that's perhaps why some organizations miss the power that social business techniques can have if implemented at a granular level—and often struggle to make them happen...

Associations Now

Has the New MySpace Predicted the Future of Social Media Marketing?
Business 2 Community
new myspace The new Myspace was officially launched this week and so far the response has been pretty muted. If you take a quick spin around the web's more popular tech blogs, you're more likely to find old Myspace stories than buzz about the launch.

Business 2 Community

Social media, apps changing how we grieve
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
From left, Tohir Tillyaev, Sophia Mitchell and Tony DiPietro won Rochester Startup Weekend by developing an app that allows funeral homes to stream services for those who can't attend in person. / Provided photo ...

Tech Circuit: Social (& Traditional) Media Edition
War of the Words: Many journalists were mesmerized this week by the use of social media in the Middle East. Here's an example of social media changing the world: the military wing of Palestinian political group Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces took...

What Facebook's New Job Listing App Means for Businesses
NBC Chicago (blog)
In case you haven't heard, or are like me and aren't on Facebook, here's the skinny: Last week, thesocial media titan has launched a new job-listing app. It was unveiled on Wednesday, and it's the result of a year-old partnership with the U.S ...

Social Media: Weighing Dumbness One Byte at a Time
Getting back to the article, and premise, about a dumber state of things, a link with an expanding social media and an elevated state of dopiness is drawn by some. How smart do you have to be to spread hate and anger anonymously on the Internet?

Fresh faces of Israeli soldiers on social media remind us of who's really at stake
Herald Sun
IMAGES on social media of young, attractive men and women could depict a generation on their way to schoolies. Instead they're fighting in a war. If not for the khakis and the machine guns you'd be forgiven for thinking these guys and girls are on ...

Social Marketing Brain-Teaser: Will Apple Jump the Shark by Investing in Twitter?
Business 2 Community
There has been recent buzz about Apple investing in Foursquare in order to align itself with one of the most highly respected location-based services available to mobile users. At the same time, there have also been various reports in recent months ...

Business 2 Community

eToro Recognized for Best Use of Social Media
Sacramento Bee
eToro, the world's leading Social Investment Network, announced today that it was awarded "Best Use of Social Media" by Shares Magazine for eToro OpenBook™. eToro OpenBook connects millions of users from over 140 countries and enables users to tap ...

Do we need a 'green cross code' for Twitter?
Channel 4 News
As Sally Bercow names a teenager on Twitter whose identity is protected by a court order, and Lord McAlpine's lawyers pursue those who defamed him in tweets, what next for the social network? Please wait while this video loads. If it doesn't load after ...

Channel 4 News

Local Engagement Through Social Media is Key for Businesses
CEO and Founder of Expion, Peter Heffring believes that in the age of social media, brands need to not only engage their fans at a national level, but also make sure they have a local voice. Earlier this month, Expion a provider of social media ...

WATCH: 60 Seconds of Social Media
Huffington Post (blog)
While Facebook continues to confound and annoy with its newsfeed algorythim-tinkering, is it Tumblr's moment in the sun? Find out why Tumblr might be the future of branded content in the latest episode of Freshwire's "60 Seconds of Social Media." ...

A Guide to Using Social Media Well in Government and Advocacy
Today's social media environment is full of opportunities to reach the public in new ways and challenges on how to do it right. But across government and advocacy organizations, to use social media effectively, you need two things: something worth ...

Facebook, Twitter boon for budding photographers
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani feels that social networking and digital photography is a boon for youngsters who want to pursue photography as a career. "I think the youth today is very excited about photography and socialnetworking ...

Times of India

Did We Really Think Social Media Would Stay Free Forever?
By Jennifer Shaheen
Did you really think social media would stay free? Let's face it, social media fees pay employees to keep the sites running and up-to-date.
Small Business Trends

A New Approach to B2B Social Media Influence | Social Media Today
By Jenniferlb
How do you measure your Business Social Media Influence ? Twitter followers, engagement levels or retweets? Recently the ABC USA reported on updates to the popular tool, Klout Perhaps you, like some US employers use Klout to measure ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

How to Find Top Tech Talent on Social Media
By Heather Huhman
Social media could be the answer to finding top performers.

Social Media Means More Opportunity To Be Seen
By A Photo Editor
It's a generally accepted rule of thumb that 3-5 point of contact (some say 7-9) is necessary for someone to make a hiring decision on you. What that means is someone must encounter your work 3-5 times either by you.
A Photo Editor

Study demonstrates that social media users are pretty insightful ...
By Jim Dougherty
A recent study by Firefly Millwood Brown substantiates some of the conventional wisdom aroundsocial media.
Leaders West

5 Essential Tips on Social Media Integration for WordPress | Wptuts+
By Barış Ünver
How do we integrate our website into social media? In this tutorial, we're going to go through 5 essential tips on how to be more social.

47 Social Media Facts (& What They Mean For Your Marketing ...
By Heidi Cohen
As social media continues to evolve and mature, so does the ways marketers use it and how they integrate it into their marketing plans. To help you maximize the effectiveness of your social mediaefforts, here are 47 social media facts and ...
Heidi Cohen

Foursquare API Offers Possibilities To Engage with Customers ...
By Gene Smith
Social media marketing and ROI have an interesting history with some famous sorts saying the proper answer should be, “What's the ROI of your mother, because she made you what you are today?” I have to think they never won a budget ...
Ignite Social Media - The original...

Why are India's politicians scared of social media? | UNCUT
By Mahima Kaul
At a forum, The Power of Social Media for Governance organised in March 2011, while praising social media and e-government/commerce initiatives, Information minister Kapil Sibal suggested that social media users also discuss the dangers ...

LinkedIn Business Mistakes - Business Insider
By Alyson Shontell
A LinkedIn insider tells us the common pitfalls. ... True, it's her job to get people to use LinkedIn, but we think she has a perspective worth sharing, since she trains companies on nontraditional uses ofLinkedIn. She knows the platform like the ...
Business Insider

What a Pinterest Ad Model Would Look Like | Digiday
By Giselle Abramovich
Digiday - The Authority on Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising.

Pinterest: New Business Accounts Launched Just In Time For Black ...
By Tara Dodrill
Pinterest Business Accounts rolled out this week could generate even more purchases for small and big businesses alike. HubSpot reports that 47.
The Inquisitr

How to create a Pinterest “pin it” button for your WordPress blog
By Jean-Baptiste Jung
How to create a Pinterest “pin it” button for your WordPress blog. As a blogger or website owner, your goal is probably to attract traffic to your website. While facebook and twitter are definitely the two bigger social networking sites, Pinterest is ...

13 Mistakes Your Business Is Making On LinkedIn
Business Insider
When used the right way, it can be a powerful tool for businesses too—and not just for recruiting, the way most managers think of using the site. Businesses that navigateLinkedIn properly engage customers, generate sales leads, and swap internal ...

7 Ways People Are Gaming Social Media
Nothing's changed, of course, in the brave new world of social media. The gadgets we use might be newer and shinier than they were back when we thought ketchup could cure gout, but that just means there are brilliant (and sometimes devious) new tactics ...

Social media analytics startup Socialbakers raises $6M
Prague-based social media analytics startup Socialbakers on Monday announced that it had raised $6 million in funding from Index Ventures and Earlybird Venture Capital. The startup says that more than a fifth of all Fortune 500 companies are its clients.


Social Media is Like Marriage: A One-Way Street
Social media and relationships: that's what the new Facebook couples pages is all about. Listing yourself as "In a relationship" is so traumatic that it's probably ended more relationships than Vegas trips and Victoria's Secrets catalogs combined. But ...


Dish Network Ordered to Change Social Media Policy
Hollywood Reporter
The National Labor Relations Board has ordered Dish to change a "Social Media" policy in the employee handbook that prevented workers from making disparaging or defamatory comments about the company. Additionally, the NLRB has slapped Dish for ...

5 ways journalists can use social media for on-the-ground reporting in the ...
Social media is a particularly powerful tool in the Middle East, where in some countries it gives people a way to express themselves. That expression takes many forms, from social protest, to political criticism, to sharing news and information. Most ...

Obama's Social Media Strategist Tells Tumblr How to Win an Election
Luckily, we got our campaign fix today because Tumblr and The Daily Beast spoke to Laura Olin, one of the Obama campaign's top social media strategists. Ms. Olin was responsible for scheduling the victory posts to all Obama's social networks. Most ...

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