Google Plus Will Prevail

Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail | Fast Company: " . . . Google Plus’s brilliant method of gaining new users is playing out right in front of our eyes, but no one recognizes it. When talking to smart people (some of them technology-based venture capitalists) about Google’s method of getting new users, the same thing happens every time: First they chortle. Then, after delivering a two-minute explanation, they hem and haw for a bit… and for a fleeting moment you can feel the struggle of trying to reconcile some rock-solid logic coming from an entrepreneur whom they know is not an idiot, and their own very concrete impression of Google Plus as a widely known failure. It’s like an immovable force is meeting an unstoppable object inside the brain. The easier answer and the incumbent usually wins in this situation. Here’s that two-minute explanation for the rest of you: Google Plus’s user acquisition strategy is to methodically absorb certain verticals using the carrot instead of the stick. . . . "

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