"Companies of all sizes are not taking Social Media seriously yet"

Social Media Marketing: What's The Point? - Forbes: "Bottom line? In almost no time, I found companies working in silos, sometime at cross purposes, confusion about basic company names, languages, objectives. And that’s just Twitter. Most of them are better at Facebook but I get the impression that companies of all sizes are not taking Social Media seriously yet, at least not seriously enough to develop a coherent plan with Background, Objectives, Strategy, Metrics. They seem to have zoomed past all that to Tactics which, like children, are all of the fun and none of the responsibility."

Facebook's social apps 'tracking your whole life'
San Francisco Luxury News
LONDON: Facebook's shares maybe at an all-time low on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), but the social networking site's primary interest lies in increasing the number of friends and apps a user has on the website, as it draws most of its revenue ...

Dark Side of Twitter: Stars blame tweets on rehab, low self esteem ... even ...
Fox News
After an ugly exchange with two of her Twitter followers who supported her husband's ex-wife Brandi Glanville, country star LeAnn Rimes voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed facility one day after her 30th birthday to "to learn and develop ...

Twitter's New Rules of the Road Mean Some Apps Are Roadkill
Wired (blog)
That's the essence of what developers are facing with Twitter's new more restrictive guidelines that took effect Wednesday. According to Twitter Platform Director Ryan Sarver, developers have six months to comply with the terms of Twitter's new ...

The Election's Real Battleground States: Facebook and Twitter
Fox Business
CHARLOTTE, NC -- – Social media isn't just about posting vacation pictures and updating friends on your latest meal. Twitter and Facebook have become key components in political campaigns, and many experts argue they are also becoming new election ...

Twitter tops Facebook in mobile ad sales
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facebook's struggles in mobile were put in perspective this week, when a report showed that lowly Twitter has outpaced the giant social network in U.S. mobile advertising revenue. According to the eMarketer report, Twitter will ...

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