LinkedIn magic number is 50 connections

LinkedIn: Is quality more important than quantity? - CBS News: ". . . In the professional world, quality always matters more than quantity, especially when it comes to business contacts. You could have a Rolodex full of "contacts," but how many of those contacts can you rely on to answer your emails instantly, find you a new hire or help you out when you're in a jam? The magic number is at least 50 connections. Once a member meets 50 contacts, they'll start to unlock many more networks and doors via their second- and third-degree connections. What makes someone a worthwhile connection? Before you connect with someone, ask yourself how you can help that person down the line and how you might benefit from connecting with them. Are they in a similar industry or an industry you're thinking of switching to? Working at a company you admire or one that's a competitor? Or are they an expert in their field or alumni with similar hobbies? . . . "

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