Things to Know about Facebook Privacy

New Stuff I've Learned Since My Facebook Privacy Tool Kit - " . . . One is called My Permissions, and it tells which Facebook applications have access to what kinds of information. When I tested it, I wasn’t exactly surprised, but I did find it revealing. My Mitt Romney campaign app had permission to post status updates in my name. Two music streaming apps had round-the-clock access to my information, even when I wasn’t using them. The presentation is simple. The app can be installed on your browser of choice. Harper Reed, chief technologist for the Obama 2012 campaign, spotted it a long time ago. My bad for not noticing it until now. The second, Scrambls, is designed to let the user decide who can read what. It encodes — or locks with a key — what you post on Facebook (or what you send through Gmail for that matter) and lets you choose who should have the key to be able to read it. A friend of mine, for instance, posted pictures of a house he is renting out. He posted several pictures and offered a pretty good idea of where it’s located. Had he been worried about a break-in into a clearly unoccupied house, he might have encoded it for a set of friends only. . . . " more at

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