Branding the Visual Web

Branding the Visual Web | Digiday: "It’s a similar story at Ford, which posts photos of cars on its Facebook pages and on Twitter. Every single Ford post in social media is supported with either an image or a video. “As we’ve seen the shift from words to images on social platforms pick up momentum, we’ve found ourselves using images to support almost every story, fact or other piece of content we put out, which means we have more requests for original visuals as well as a need for more and more varied assets we had already been using — like photography,” said Karen Untereker, U.S. social media manager at Ford." A Powerful Adversary For Brands | LEVICK - JDSupra: " . . . . Thanks to, big brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and myriad others are finding themselves hurled into the center of high-profile debates about acceptable corporate behavior. The foremost reputational challenge is that these are not debates in which both points of view can be expressed. The website’s format does not allow companies and brands to defend themselves. In many cases, all a company in the crosshairs can do is watch as signatures multiply. and similar petition sites are gaining prominence in a Digital Age when everyday citizens can leverage social media as force multipliers that amplify their concerns. But there is a catch where is concerned. The site charges groups for the privilege of sponsoring petitions that are matched to users who have similar interests. When signing up, users are given an option to “Keep me updated on this campaign and others.” When they opt-in for updates on certain issues, sponsors can then reach out to them directly via e-mail. . . . "

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