Teens losing interest in Facebook

Report shows teens are losing interest in Facebook | Digital Trends: "Hidden away in Facebook’s 10-k report, as first noticed by The Verge, is the fact that its younger users – A.K.A teens – just aren’t using Facebook as often as they used to. Here’s the specific nugget that Facebook tried to somewhat keep under wraps:
“We believe that some of our users, particularly our younger users, are aware of and actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook. For example, we believe that some of our users have reduced their engagement with Facebook in favor of increased engagement with other products and services such as Instagram. In the event that our users increasingly engage with other products and services, we may experience a decline in user engagement and our business could be harmed.”
Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/teens-think-facebook-is-so-yesterday/#ixzz2MhSF0ki2

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