Minimalist Guide To Social Networking

The Minimalist’s Guide To Social Networking | Soshable | Social Media Blog: "Some Tips For Quickly Maximizing Your Social Impact: Fill Out Your Profile Completely—If the goal is to network and attract business, then you need to give potential customers and clients the best idea possible what it’s like doing business with you. This means filling out every section of your profile, and posting a picture. Yes, people who may want to pay you money definitely want to know what you look like.  It’s a trust thing. Make Yourself Useful—Your readers want to learn about your industry. They’re not looking for a hard sell. They’re looking for easy to digest information. If you can teach them something in an entertaining manner, you’ll both win. How about posting quick suggestions or thoughts on your industry? It doesn’t take a lot of time and it may be useful to others. Social’s Not Your Full Time Job—"

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